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This mom is looking for some holster options.

This is a discussion on This mom is looking for some holster options. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dnowell Seems like a purse with a quick-access velcro pocket might be an option - raise the whole thing in front of ...

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Thread: This mom is looking for some holster options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnowell View Post
    Seems like a purse with a quick-access velcro pocket might be an option - raise the whole thing in front of you and shoot through it if necessary.
    Yeah, I was about to suggest a purse, at least until the baby gets a little bigger.

    I just bought one from Cordoba Leather. I don't like carrying a gun in a purse, but when I'm weaering a dress or skirt, a holster just doesn't work.

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    I'm fairly new here Lima, but I would definitely not opt for an sob carry...if you lose your balance and fall backwards it could cause a serious and permanent spinal injury to you. I remember when my girls were younger (the youngest is now 12 and the oldest is 22), I used a fanny pack and carried a Stainless Combat Commander in mine, with 2 spare mags gave me 25 rounds total of 45acp. You might want to check into either Bagmaster they have one that attaches to your belt and with a zipper opening on top, or check into Tommygun fanny pack. I have both and have had good luck with the Bagmaster one when my kids were little (don't think Tommygun packs were around then.) Wish you and JD and the little one all the best. Good luck and stay safe always.
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    Congrats. Our second granddaughter is coming in August. Have you looked into a SafePacker. I use it for going on walks and it is a little more "fashionable" that the fanny pack. (family tells me it makes me look old, I AM old)

    - Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC

    Best of luck.

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    I think I have to agree with several others here and would recommend either the SOB holster, even though I normally do not like them at all. And I really like the fanny pack option.

    I also like SIXTOs Maxpedition/diaper bag idea.

    Welcome back Lima. My wife is just sick about the way you look after having a baby just 2 months ago. She says you look great for being a recent Mommy.

    Please let us know on what you end up choosing for your carry set up with the little guy.
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    Ok it’s true, no woman should look that good so soon after having a child. Anyway, I’m sure there are better options out there, but in the interim I would opt for cargo pants or similar. Besides, I do realize you’ll be hauling around a lot more than just your baby. All that support gear will limit your mobility so that’s why I suggest the proverbial pocket-perch. Besides, you don’t strike me as the skirt & bobby-socks kinda gal.

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    Carrying with your baby

    I have a 45 and a 38. My 38 I carry on my ankle which I saw another does as well. I carry 38 and 45 also in the pants holster. With the sling you have your baby in that may be your best option on the opposite side where your baby is located. I love the Don Hume Hoslters. They are made of sturdy leather and thinner so you don't look like you have bulging hips or are getting stabbed!

    Hope this help gal!

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    Congats on the new addition you have a beautiful baby
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    Ok here's the deal... Lol I work in a Baby Store(haha don 't make fun). I have seen many Mom's carrying in my store. Most tend to print alot regardless of there best attemps. I think the best rig I have seen was a lady with a Ruger Lcp Crimson Trace Grips in the pocket of a Chicco You and Me Carrier. Which by the way is an awesome carrier but will run you about 100. But it has a zippered pocket in the front in which she sew a Desantis Nemisis pocket holster in it.
    I was accually commenting on her choice in carrier's when she unzipped the front of it and I saw the outline of the holster. Lol I called her out and she was surprised and I said I think it's awesome she has a way to protect her self and her baby.
    It was a fun day at work for sure. I hope you find something that works for you.
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    So, Lima, it's been a few months. What did you decide to do? What did you learn?

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    I have seen a mom carry her child in the front in one of these.
    Baby Carriers by Belle -Simple-Beautiful-Comfortable-Made in USA
    She was carrying a small sling pack from Maxpedition and I could see her Glock tucked safely from a close distance. She appeared very comfortable going up the hill with the little bugger!
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