I came across an ingenious idea last month while on here. One of the members (muddy, gotta give him credit!) came up with the idea to use plastic suspender clips (called Grip Clips) from a pair of suspenders he had on one of his kydex holsters since he rarely uses a belt. It allows him to use the holster in whatever pants/shorts he's wearing regardless if he wears a belt. Here's a link to his post - Kydex Creations using the Grip Clip.

I decided to take his idea and run with it a little. Here's what I came up with on short notice after just receiving the clips. I was a little anxious to try them out so I used part of an old holster I had laying around.

Yes I know it's only one attachment point so it's not very stable, but I have it angled so the grip helps keep it from rotating too much. Also a little movement is nice at the appendix position for comfort. The clip really locks on so the holster is definitely staying put on the draw.

When I get a bit more time I'll design a scabbard version that uses two clips.

There's more info on my blog in my sig.

Oh yeah, I wanted to share where I got the clips from. Seattle Fabrics has them for $1.20 a pop - Miscellaneous Hardware I picked up a handful to play around with for future design ideas.