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Anyone care to comment on this holster?

This is a discussion on Anyone care to comment on this holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by N-frame Smith On the other hand, if it's a knockoff made by someone else who hasn't gotten a ruling or exemption from ...

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Thread: Anyone care to comment on this holster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by N-frame Smith View Post
    On the other hand, if it's a knockoff made by someone else who hasn't gotten a ruling or exemption from ATF, then it may be iffy. Of course, the whole thing looks iffy anyway. Good luck.
    I bought it from a seller on Ebay for $29. The following number is an item number for the exact same holster from the same seller. Item# 290295148397

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    Definietly illegal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    LOL thanks for the laugh! Wasn't expecting that. And +1 to that. No point to having it other than breaking up outline, other than that just as dangerous as carrying in pocket with no holster
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    Quote Originally Posted by yourbestdefense View Post
    A number of years ago, ATF ruled that a wallet holster that allows the pistol to fired while in the holster is considered an AOW (Any Other Weapon) and is restricted by federal law.
    That is correct. Here is some information that I copied from another forum some years ago.
    I think it was on Pistolsmith forums.
    This is from a prior post on this very board: Post subject: DA-38 derringer - holster
    Notice that pocket holsters may indeed conceal the shape of the weapon as for instance reducing printing.
    Notice also that any of the holsters are so far as I know legal by themselves at least under national laws. The issue is a gun that may be fired from the holster such that the combination falls under AOW rules. Folks may disguise a gun as they see fit provided the disguise is necessarily discarded before firing. That is a pocket holster to carry the gun but from which the gun is drawn before firing is not normally considered any other weapon. A gun built into an umbrella say raises the issue.
    It's a complex issue but bear this in mind:
    DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Washington, DC 20226
    E:CE:F:TE:RLB 3311
    MAR 13 1996
    [Name] [Address]
    Dear :
    This is in response to your letter of recent date to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). In your letter, you request information regarding the legality of several wallet type holsters which you submitted of our examination.
    As defined in 26 U.S.C. section 5845(e) of the National Firearms Act (NFA), the term "any other weapon" includes certain weapons capable of being concealed on the person. It is unlawful to make, possess or transfer such weapons which are not registered in accordance with NFA controls. Further, a maker of such firearms who has not paid the appropriate special (occupational) tax is liable for $200 making tax for each weapon produced and $5 for each weapon transferred.
    ATF has previously determined that firearms installed in various types of wallets, briefcases, canes, etc. may be NFA firearms as defined. The submitted samples are rectangular leather cases, which measure approximately 5 1/2 inches in length and 2 3/4 inches in height. They are designed to hold an American Derringer firearm (Model DA 3 in a fixed position with openings in the leather so that the derringer can be operated and fired while it is in the case. When the derringer is installed in the case, the weapon has the exterior appearance to other "wallet guns" which have previously been determined to be NFA firearms.
    - 2 -
    ATF has previously determined that an American Derringer, Model DA 38, in and of itself, is a firearm subject to the provisions of the GCA and is not a firearm subject to the NFA controls. The leather wallet by itself is not subject to control as a firearm. However, we have also determined that any person who might possess such a derringer in combination with the wallet holster would be in possession of a firearm subject to the purview of the NFA.
    Any person who possess the combination would be in possession of a firearm as defined in 26 U.S.C. section 5845(a)(5) of the NFA. Such firearm is subject to the tax imposed under section 5821, and the making provisions of section 5822 of the act.
    Should the wallet holsters, as provided, be sold or transferred separately from the derringers, we strongly recommend that you advise customers regarding the status of these items.
    If you would like to submit a redesigned or modified holster that you believe would not be subject to the NFA when held in combination with an American Derringer firearm, we will be happy to examine it and provide you with the results. We would suggest that the redesigned sample no longer resemble a wallet and the modification should include cutting the top rear of the wallet, thereby exposing the entire back strap and trigger guard area of the inserted derringer. The cuts should follow the exact contour of the frame of the pistol and not overlap to risk a disguised appearance.
    The samples which you submitted for our examination are being returned to you under separate cover.
    - 3 -

    We trust the foregoing has been responsive to your inquiry. If you have further questions concerning this matter, please contact us.

    Sincerely yours,
    [signed] Edward M. Owen, Jr. Chief, Firearms Technology Branch
    Ens Quote


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    Here's the other one I thought of posting.

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    I'm not sure the design ability to reduce printing in a pocket is worth the risk of the trigger getting pulled accidentally. Just my opinion, of course.

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    Certainly illegal in Kalifornia who says you can't use something to disguise a gun as if it were something else. This I believe was directly designed to attack wallet holsters that allowed the gun to be fired.

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    I bet thats one TwinCarry doesnt have.

    Ruger LCP CCW Holster Wallet - eBay (item 290295148397 end time Feb-15-09 1800 PST)

    I see its made from chrome tanned leather, that will eat the finish from any gun.
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    I have one of those for a Barretta 950
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I think it should be named the "Un-Holster", for that's what I see...
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    AOW. Looks like something I'd avoid.
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    Four things;

    1 ~ Yours is a horrible hack job/imitation of an "Art Of The Hide 'Holdster' " Holdster

    2 ~ This holster is legal because the slide is exposed, not concealing it as a pistol. Feel free to contact Matt at the bottom of this page Contact Matt he will be happy to send you a PDF file of his ATF clearance for the 'holdser' Which includes detailed dimensional and cut regulations. But, he will ask that you don't post it publicly as he has spent a good amount of his time in this process. (That is why I'm not posting it here) this is not an AOW

    3 ~ I've had one since '04, It's not my edc. Sometimes I don't use it for months, sometimes I use it for weeks. depends on my needs and dress. Works well when needed.

    4 ~ I have no financial interest in this company, Just a user.
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