Crossbreed price jump?

Crossbreed price jump?

This is a discussion on Crossbreed price jump? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I was about to place an order for my first iwb holster this morning, and it was going to be the super tuck. This ...

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Thread: Crossbreed price jump?

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    Crossbreed price jump?

    Well I was about to place an order for my first iwb holster this morning, and it was going to be the super tuck. This was my choice because of the price at 60 dollars and all the great reviews.

    Today i find the supertuck is now 70 dollars. I might as well spend the extra 10 and grab the MTAC... What happened?

    The price of the supertuck is what really attracted so many people to the product, atleast thats what others tell me of their personal experience.

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    When you figure the time it takes to make a holster, the materials, the customer service, and everything else that goes into a business. Be happy it only went up 10 dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pure Kustom View Post
    When you figure the time it takes to make a holster, the materials, the customer service, and everything else that goes into a business. Be happy it only went up 10 dollars.

    I agree with Rocky, $10 increase seems like a very reasonable amount all things considered.
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    I wonder if it is because of the switch to steel clips???
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    The lifetime no BS warranty is really worth it,I had a clip break on an original model they no longer carry and they sent me new clips and hardware to mount them,no charge
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    I'm with you , get the MTAC for $80. Right now the way the economy is going I think price jumps is not good business. Remember when everybody excuse was gas at $4.00 a gallon to increase price? Now at less than 2 bucks do we see the savings pasted on?
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    OR get the Spartan


    Or go with Kholster for $45


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    It's still worth every penny in my opinion.
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    Quality is worth the cost IMO.
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    Maybe you should have ordered it when it was $60. You snooze you loose.

    When I ordered my last product from Crossbreed, about a month later they ran their holiday sale and the prices went down. Did I complain, nope. I got what I paid for.

    I like my Supertuck, and my belt from them as well, and really can you beat a Lifetime Warranty?

    Suck it up, buy the holster and enjoy it.
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    Well worth it.

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    I got a Kholster for $35.

    Does the $70 include shipping or is that added on top of the $70?

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    Crossbreed offers a 10% NRA discount, just type in NRA in the coupopn box. I have two Supertucks and they are the most comfortable IWB holsters made in my opinion, well worth the money.

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    I'd like to clear up a minor point here.

    The price went from 65.50 to 69.75, that's not 10 bucks, it's 4.25.

    That's the first price increase we have had in about two years (IIRC) and have absorbed price increase in raw materials, increased labor costs, increased taxes and several other cost increases while keeping the price increase at bay for quite some time and then only bumping up a few dollars.

    We can't make everyone happy as someone will always want the bargain basement el cheapo product so we'll leave that to others.

    Our sales (1500+/- orders a month at well into 6 figures in gross sales each month) speak for themselves and our customer satisfaction is second to none, you DO get what you pay for.

    I thought it would be fair to present my side of the issue as well.

    Thanks fer listenin'
    Mark Craighead
    CrossBreed Holsters LLC

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    People just gotta understand. Prices go up..

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