Looking for advice on IWB

Looking for advice on IWB

This is a discussion on Looking for advice on IWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking for some advice on what IWB holster to use with my Kahr PM9. I have a DeSantis Nemesis which is not a ...

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Thread: Looking for advice on IWB

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    Looking for advice on IWB

    I am looking for some advice on what IWB holster to use with my Kahr PM9. I have a DeSantis Nemesis which is not a bad pocket holster, but I have concerns about quick accessability if I had to get to it in a hurry. I have found that it does a good job of concealing, but tends to come up out of my pocket with the gun (despite what they advertise) and isn't really that fast. I believe that an IWB would be much quicker but I am wondering about how secure they are and how comfortable to wear they would be if worn all the time. I am thinking that OWB would be the ideal way to carry comfortably and have fast access but seems to me would be much harder to conceal. I would love a quick crash course in the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of carry. I hope these aren't totally dumb questions.

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    Unless you go with a tuckable IWB it wont matter much as to IWB OWB as to concealability. You have to conceal it so it matters not if you show the whole holster/gun versus pistol butt/part of holster. A carry shirt untucked will hide an OWB the same as it will an IWB.

    IWB, in my opinion, is more secure than OWB unless the OWB has a trigger guard snap lock. Comfort is up to the wearer. I like IWB and am very comfortable with my CompTac M-Tac.

    Look into CompTac Victory Gear, Crossbreed Holsters, K&D Leather for quality holsters at a great price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Headshrinker View Post
    I am looking for some advice on what IWB holster to use with my Kahr PM9. I have a DeSantis Nemesis which is not a bad pocket holster, but I have concerns about quick accessability if I had to get to it in a hurry..
    My two methods of carrying PM9, just for your info:

    1 generally carry XD anymore (avatar), but still pocket carry my Kahr often in summer on long hot walks. I really like this StellarRigs.com kydex deal. It doesn't depend on friction of pocket; soon as fingers go in between butt and spare mag, pistol pops up into your hand. Super fast. Also, much flatter than the puffy Nemesis.

    I also have a D.M. Bullard Dual Carry for IWB (same model as for the XD in avatar); very comfy, great concealment, although I've never had much luck tucking with anything:

    - OS

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    For my 2 cents.
    Crossbreed Supertuck.
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    IWB carry takes a little getting use to but with the right holster it can be incredibly comfortable and concealable. The key for me was to use a holster with offset loops instead of one where they're directly on top of the gun. The offset loops help to spread the weight and footprint of the gun over a larger area (like a snowshoe) and it also creates less bulge than a stacked loop holster. Personally, I prefer Gary Brommeland's MaxCon V holster, it's the most comfortable and concealable holster I've ever owned.

    The difference between concealing an IWB and an OWB - yes, there IS a difference, is that with an IWB you only have to conceal what's above the belt line. With an OWB your cover garment needs to be much longer, enough to cover the end of the muzzle plus enough to compensate for those times you might have to reach up for something. I can fully and effectively conceal a Government length 1911 in my MaxCon V with just a loose t-shirt. With an OWB holster the cover shirt needs to come almost halfway to my knees.

    I took the trash out one day wearing my 1911 and spare mag so I just threw on a baggy white t-shirt. When I came back in I pulled off the shirt and my wife's eyes bugged out. She had no idea I was carrying at all, much less a large gun like the Mil-spec.

    While it might not be as critical with a lighter gun like the PM9, a real purpose-built gun belt is a must when you start carrying heavier guns. I've got a pretty good assortment now so that's all I've worn for the last several years.

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    DeSantis Scorpion

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    I would check out TT gunleather. I have their reinforced mouth IWB for my Glock 27. Love it!
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    Fist holsters...search through the above 'Related Links'...
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    I just started carrying IWB for the first time a few weeks ago with my PM9 in a Little Bear holster. It is very comfortable. Dave at Little Bear was great to work with. Turn around time was about 3 weeks and cost was $80 for a custom holster with both clips and snap straps

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    I might add re pocket carry, that unless the holster has a wing that will catch on your pocket, the hlster might come out with the gun. I make sure all my pocket holsters have a wing, and when I draw it I tilt my hand to make sure the wing will catch on the pocket. You can go around with your hand in your pocket, but not under your shirt gripping the gun in the IWB. I would want a pocket holster for any small gun I have.

    I do not wear loose pants with big pockets, and my problem is getting the holster out of the pocket rather than vice versa. Don Hume makes the one I am currently using for my P3AT (Hume 001).
    Concealment Holsters : Don Hume Leathergoods, manufactures high quality leather and nylon goods.

    I think any of the makers can provide a good IWB.

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    I carry my PM9 in a Nemesis around the house in my bathrobe (very loose, open pockets). The trick to drawing without the holster is to push just slightly with the 3rd or 4th finger as you begin the draw. If it's broken in at all, just the slightest push only at the beginning of the draw is nec. and the pistol will separate from the holster nicely.

    I also have a Milt Sparks pocket holster, much less bulky than the Nemesis. But being a fan of options, I plan to also get a Fist pocket holster (I like the thumb push which negates worries of separating holster from gun). Just haven't decided on Kydex or leather.

    Also have a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 (horsehide, smooth out) on order for it. Should work out great! Thought of a VM2 (some here have them for it and like it, but such a large holster for such a small gun....?).

    I'll probably get more, as I like the little gun and like a lot of carry options. I think I may be a holster addict. .
    Regards, T Bone.

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    my recommendations for IWB carry would be MTAC or DC Tuckable (by HBE) both are tuckable rigs one is all leather and one is Kydex on leather. research them both you'll find out that they are both quality rigs

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    IWB=clipdraw w/ j frame w/ t shirt over on bicycle.

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    Thanks everyone for all the great advice!
    Much appreciated.

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