Leather Thumb Break vs. Retention System

Leather Thumb Break vs. Retention System

This is a discussion on Leather Thumb Break vs. Retention System within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I know the long debated thumb break or not discussion, so this is not it. I'm considering a holster for open carry (if ever ...

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Thread: Leather Thumb Break vs. Retention System

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    Leather Thumb Break vs. Retention System

    So I know the long debated thumb break or not discussion, so this is not it. I'm considering a holster for open carry (if ever an option in another state or whatever) and for range/woods & four-wheeler use. I'm really leaning towards a safariland with the ALS system and I got to wondering what people think of those types of systems (safariland & blackhawk CQC) vs. traditional leather thumb breaks.

    Now, I'm not talking about the holster itself, I'm just curious about how people feel about the two options.
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    For what your saying you want to use it for I would want a leather thumb break. I am basing that on trecking through the woods and getting on and off 4 wheelers. I want a gun to be secure on my side.

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    I prefer thumb break systems myself. I have used a Blackhawk and I am not so fond of how much it sticks out. I do like the Bianchi carrylok though.

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    The Blackhawk Serpas are very popular with the open carry enthusiasts in PA. I'm not crazy about the holster but theres a bunch that love them.

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    For general woods or outdoor use, ie: camping, atv riding, fishing, cutting wood. I use a holster with a thumb break. I dont want to find out that 10 miles later down the trail that I've lost my gun.
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    Thumb break..or maybe even a SLS from Safariland with the rotating hood.
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    All will work, it just depends on which you're used to. With all of them you need to practice enough to develop the muscle memory to release your weapon without thinking about it.

    Personally, I like the Safariland ALS system. When you grip your weapon your thumb is right there on the release. Also the release is hidden behind your gun out of sight making a more difficult for someone to grab your gun.

    Whichever one you choose practice your draws to get used to it.
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    I can recommend a Safariland with SLS/rotating hood and the retension screw
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    Thumb break for you intended application.
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    There are reasons to have either, but stating your need...probably the 'thumb break'...although I wouldn't use either.
    I have fallen down a set of bleachers once (another story), and I sidearm did not leave its holster...leaving only a bruised ego.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ron8903 View Post
    Thumb break for you intended application.

    IMHO thumb for OC and field use, retention for CC.
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    I perfer a thumb break myself for genearl use
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    I'm a recent (last three years) convert to the SERPA style release. The gun isn't going anywhere and drawing and re holstering is a piece o cake.
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    Given the situation you described, I would prefer the thumb-break holster.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    I own and use both types and it just your preference on what you like. Personnaly I like both styles.
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