Waist carry position

Waist carry position

This is a discussion on Waist carry position within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am relatively new to carrying a firearm. I currently carry in a Galco Sto and Go which I find unbearably uncomfortable. The fact that ...

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Thread: Waist carry position

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    Waist carry position

    I am relatively new to carrying a firearm. I currently carry in a Galco Sto and Go which I find unbearably uncomfortable. The fact that I was wearing the holster WRONG certainly did not help. I was wearing it directly on my side instead of between my side and navel. Ug... such an embarrassment. If I were to order a Minotaur MTAC Holster for a IWB solution is the correct location of the firearm directly at my hip or slightly behind me? I am awaiting the arrival of my Kangaroo shoulder rig for the hot summer months but I know if I can I will need to get a IWB solution.

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    I don't really think you can wear a holster rig 'wrong' as it is what works for YOU...except maybe if you tried a smart carry around the neck, or a shoulder rig as a smart carry...

    From your description of your holster placement, I don't see anything WRONG or embarrassing...for some, that holster may work at 3:00, some 2:00, and some at 4:30...it all depends on what works for the individual.
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    I agree with retsup99. Just wear your holster where it works for you. I would suggest you practice drawing and presentation with your unloaded gun once you know where you'll be placing your holster.
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    We'll 3rd that! Remember, it takes 500 repetitions to develop muscle memory. Practice, practice, practice, and let us echo the above directive that you practice with your carry pistol UNLOADED, during your draw repetition practice.

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    What they said: whatever works for you !!!

    When I got my M-TAC, I thought it was very uncomfortable directly on my skin (I live in South Florida and I cannot stand under-shirts); After a few weeks (and a generous application of leather dressing) I wear it all day long, at or just behind the 3 oclock position and I forget it is there.

    But, remember, we are all different; what works for me and others on this forum might not work for you; you'll have to make your own experience.
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    It may also be that the Galco Sto and Go just plain doesn't work for me. I am trying to not spend money right now due to being unemployed for almost four months but I need to keep carrying. The MTAC will probably be another purchase of mine. I was also looking at the Versa Max 2 but it is even more expensive and they are not taking orders until May.

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