Hi Guys,
I have a newly acquired Sig P229. I had a cheapo Galco clip IWB holster Stow-N-Go and it was pretty uncomfortable. There was no cant to speak of, and the clip really caused the holster to feel bulky since it sits directly on top of the gun. So I ordered a UBG Striker 1 a couple of weeks ago and then bought a sky-ops to hold me over until the UBG arrives in 8-10 weeks. The problem is that the Sky-Ops is just so dang comfortable.

Does anyone have a Sky-Ops, and a Striker 1 or VM II to compare to it? I'll probably not cancel my order, but I'm not sure if I'm going to need both holsters since the Sky-Ops is working well for me.

The only thing the Sky-Ops does not do is to clip to a few pairs of Cargo Pants that I own that have integral belts. Since it uses a Y clip, it will not connect to the belt which is actually sewn into the pants. So I'm thinking that the Striker 1 which uses clips, will fill that niche in my carry system.

Does anyone have a Sky-Ops and a VMII or Striker 1 style holster that could give me a comparison?