Milt Sparks or High Noon

Milt Sparks or High Noon

This is a discussion on Milt Sparks or High Noon within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Both are about 20-26 weeks out. If you have experience with both , which do you like better, which model and why. Looking at one ...

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Thread: Milt Sparks or High Noon

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    Milt Sparks or High Noon

    Both are about 20-26 weeks out. If you have experience with both, which do you like better, which model and why. Looking at one for a Beretta PX4 and Glock 19. Thanks.

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    Looked at the High Noon a buddy of mine has one with that being said I own 2 Milt Sparks and am getting ready to get a third one great holsters and good people to do business with. As far as model looked there Web-site and seewhat fits your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdogtx View Post
    Both are about 20-26 weeks out. If you have experience with both, which do you like better, which model and why. Looking at one for a Beretta PX4 and Glock 19. Thanks.
    IWB are about 4 weeks out. Outside the pants is about 20 weeks.
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    Milt Sparks...hands down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    Milt Sparks...hands down.
    Absolutely... Not even close, IMO... And yes, I have owned both... Guess which one(s) I still have and use, vs. which one I sold?

    No offense intended to High Noon, however... But these are my feelings/experiences:

    Milt Sparks all the way... And FWIW, I prefer to go with Sparks' horsehide option (It really is more rigid and dense; The pistol almost 'clicks' in and out of the holster like kydex, but still conforms to your body and has "give" to it like cowhide)... But that is a personal preference... I honestly wouldn't hesitate to buy in either material from Sparks...

    Hope I helped.



    ETA - Sorry, forgot to include: The High Noon I had was an OWB Slide Guard for a G27, in horsehide... My current Sparks holsters are both VM-2H (horsehide IWB's), one for a P7, the other for a P7M8 (which are both hard guns to get right, as far as holster-makers are concerned)
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    Hard to compare these two unless you're really looking at comparably designed holsters. I had a HNH (still have their belt) and have worn a MS VMII numerous times. The MS is made on a different level, at a different price point. MS is a prettier holster, but HNH does very good quality work just as MS does. I had a single clip version of HNH, just didn't care for the shifting I got, but might have been totally different with another holster. I have to say that HNH's people are top shelf, they have treated me like a king every time I called.

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    Each has their place. I have a high noon bare asset. I love it for it's simple single clip on and off, easy adjustability, and small footprint. I had a vm2, and while I loved it, it took some time to get on and off and to get into the sweet spot for carrying. High noon people are a pleasure to deal with as are Sparks's people, so customer service for both are top-notch. I have yet to order anything custom from high-noon though.
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    Don't have experience with High Noon, but we own 2-55BN's both Black and in horse hide one for our Glock19 and one for our Glock17 (the 17rig has shark detailing) both have an fbi cant and conceal quite well.
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    Only Sparks I have is Summer Special 2......I like it just fine but not any better than any of my High Noon Holsters(of which I have many/Public Secrets & Slide Guards). If you pay for the rush service for the High Noon Holsters that aren't in stock, you get them in a week to 10 days.....or at least that's always been the case for me! I use SS2 and Public Secrets about the same IWB but for OWB, I have Slide Guards for every pistol I carry.....comfortable, high and tight, and well concealed! I don't think you can go wrong with either!
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    Gotta go with Sparks
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    I've owned both. Definetly go with Milt Sparks.

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    I own a holster from just about every high end maker; Del Fatti, Milt Sparks, Brigade, Brommeland, Des Biens, HBE, etc. By far the best IMO is UBG. As a matter of fact, I just placed a second order with Nate for my S&W 5906.
    I remember the first holster I bought from him about a year ago. Beyond that new leather smell was unrivaled craftsmanship, material, molding and fit. It was simply a work of art. It's seen a lot of hard use and with an occasional wipe down with Lexol, looks good as new.
    Current turn around time is 3-4 weeks, not months, WEEKS! That Ugly Bald Guy definitely knows his business.
    Price is hard to beat too. The Canute I'm ordering with options, is a mere $95.00. I was shocked by some of the other makers prices, which more resembled my house payment.
    Like I said, JMO, but I'd go with UBG without hesitation.
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    I guess I'll be the voice of dissent here. I vote High Noon. I currently have three of their holsters. I had a fourth, but I sold it on here because I got rid of the Taurus that it fit. I've had one Milt Sparks VMII that I also sold on here.

    The reasons I vote High Noon are:

    1. The Sparks only felt comfortable to me in the "sweet spot" at around 4:30 or so. This isn't my preferred carry position and it didn't feel right or conceal right anywhere else. With the smaller footprint of the High Noon, I can wear it comfortably in several different places. Of course, everyone's body type is different, but the High Noon was more versatile for me.

    2. The High Noon has the "rough side out," meaning that the part that goes on the inside isn't slick and smooth, so it doesn't promote sliding and shifting around.

    3. I prefer clips to loops. There's no way possible that you can wear the VMII without a belt, but I've worn my Public Secret and Down Under (two of them) exactly that way more than once.

    This isn't to take anything away from Sparks. Their product is excellent, but the High Noon designs work better for me.
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    I've had a lot of top brand holsters, Kramer, Fist, El Paso Saddlery, Alessi, Galco, Safariland, and of late High Noon. I did a post about the High Noon Slide Guard here:

    The High Noon Slide Guard & Rock Steady belt - very nice rig! pic intense!

    I was unfamiliar High Noon and I was looking for holster for my fs P250 and started looking through our sponsers. I clicked on High Noon and read every one of their FAQs. I was so impressed with that that I decided to give them a try. I'm glad I did. Since HN may not be as well known as some other manufacturers, I'm gonna take a little time and tell you what I found and what I like about their holsters.

    The Slide Guard is the first and only holster by High Noon I have, but because of my satisfaction with it and confidence in the design, quality, and features, I'm already looking at a horsehide IWB holster for a Kimber Pro. I have looked at lot of manufacturers and they're all good, make that excellent, but High Noon has the design and features I'm looking for at a competitive price.

    To re-iterate a bit of the post linked above, I found the High Noon cowhide Slide Guard holds the gun securely because it is precision formed to the specific gun as are all quality holsters. The craftsmanship and workmanship is superb. I posted the above link on a number of sites and was surprised to see how many were actually wearing High Noon holsters as they typed their reply. I have yet to see a post that was anything less than stellar about High Noon holsters.

    The High Noon Slide Guard has carefully thought out functional design and they exceed most holsters I've used or even seen. One of the features I have especially come to appreciate the slide guard (its name sake). I have soiled more than one good shirt with holsters that allow the gun to come in contact with the shirt. The High Noon's slide guard eliminates that completely. And it isn't just a feature, it's well thought out and a thoughtfully designed feature. Not only does the slide guard protect the shirt, it protects the user as well. The slide guard is wide, but not in the way, and it rolls slightly over the rear of the gun so that what does come in contact with the wearer is a softer, wider contact. It's just the way a holster should work.

    The holster has a tough finish on the outside and a softer finish on the inside to protect the gun. It holds the gun just a bit higher than most holsters I've worn, and I discovered I like that because it conceals the gun a bit better, especially a larger gun. And I think one thing we're all looking for is comfort. I realize Clint Smith says "Guns are meant to be comforting, not comfortable.", but they can be both. I, and many others that have High Noon holsters, mention the comfort. I can wear mine all day and forget it's there. Take a look at some of the pics in the link above. It holds the gun in tight as a holster should.

    Of course I also have the HN Rock Steady belt and if I never have to wear any other belt, I'll be perfectly happy. There's just nothing like it. The belt and the holster make a good thing even better. I wear the Rock Steady even when I can't wear my gun.

    I really don't mean to sound like a commercial or a salesman, but I suspect this discussion will get lop-sided just because more people are familiar with the fine Sparks holster line and I just want to give the other side since these two brands were specifically mentioned.

    High Noon is great to deal with and you owe it to yourself to read the question and answers on the HN website.
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    My commander rides in a VMII, but my Ultra disappears in the uglies, Crossbreed and MTAC. I'm not familiar with HN, but I'm sure what Tangle said.
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