Recommendation for P239

Recommendation for P239

This is a discussion on Recommendation for P239 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I live in a warm climate and could use a recommendation for carrying a Sig P239. Anyone carrying a P239? How's your experience. Thanks....

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Thread: Recommendation for P239

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    Recommendation for P239

    I live in a warm climate and could use a recommendation for carrying a Sig P239. Anyone carrying a P239? How's your experience. Thanks.

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    The comp-tec mtac works well for my 229. I would imagine it works even better for a 239. (living in Florida). The 239 is a very slim gun, so IWB is not too bad for it.
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    In a warm climate, I would suggest somethin with a leather sweat/body shield so the gun is not rubbing against you irritating the skin. The MTAC will work. I personally am a little more partial towards leather and how theytreat the finish on your gun. Kydex can be abrasive. Some pepole just consider their gun a tool, and dont care if it looks good. I want both. I can personally recommend the HBE COM III, I have one for my G23. I have a Sig p228 which is a little bulkier than your gun aand it rides primarily in a Mitch Rosen Premier. Both are excelent options. Whatever you do, don't go cheap. Put your fine gun in a fine holster.

    BTW welcome to the forum, from WV.
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    I have a P239 and live in the south. I have a VMII & a MTAC. Both are IWB. The MTAC seems to be slimmer because of the Klydex. Both are good holsters. The MTAC though can be tuckable or not without changing the clips. So I don't have to think wether I'm tucking today or not. In Florida, it can start out cold during the winter. At least cold for me> Then be 85 by afternoon. I did find this winter that a T-Shirt under my holster sure made it more confortable. I bought some wife beaters tonight to get the leather away from my skin during the summer 9mths. My shirts are changing from Tucked Dress type, to Polo & T-Shirt types. Due to the fact that I'm always checking to see if I'm still tucked or not.

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    the M-TAC holster is good for IWB. The SmartCarry is good when it's too hot to wear a cover garment.

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    I have a box of P239 holsters, and my favorite is the K&D Dakota Defender, second is the Comp-Tac MTAC and then probably the C-TAC.

    The Comp-TAC Pro Undercover is a nice clip-and-go holster.

    FWIW, while I've REALLY liked pretty much every holster I've tried from Comp-Tac, I find their clip on mag carriers uncomfortable. Perhaps the Tek-Lok ones are better, but haven't tried them.

    The UnderCoverComfort shirt is a good deep cover option, although it doesn't hold the mags well without help (I made this "taco" and clips for my P239 & UCC shirt) as the small, single stacks just are not bulky enough to be held with friction alone.

    The Kramer #3 is serviceable although a bit bulky. The CrossBreed Supertuck is also serviceable, although I prefer the MTAC over the CrossBreed considerably.

    I have a couple of Galco belt and IWB holsters which I found unsatisfactory. I do still use one of their shoulder holsters with the P239 and it is OK. They do make nice belts tho. I really like the SB9 dress belt. Double thickness, sturdy, but looks nice, can't tell it is a "gun belt".

    The couple of random belly bands I've tried were also unsatisfactory, but it could just be me.

    Some find the Smartcarry works well as a deep cover option, but doesn't work well for me.



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