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Looking for a new holster.

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Thread: Looking for a new holster.

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    Ditto and amen! :D
    Shoot well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Brommeland
    Fifth: Draw time from an SOB under a cover garment will take at least two seconds, and that is under optimal conditions. Most gunfights are over in about that time frame. Again, the result will be your dying with a gun stuck to your butt.
    I agree with everything else said, except for the above. Yes it does take a longer to draw from a SOB than most other OTB/ITP holsters, but two seconds is a real long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fed_wif_a_sig
    I agree with everything else said, except for the above. Yes it does take a longer to draw from a SOB than most other OTB/ITP holsters, but two seconds is a real long time.


    I would respectfully suggest that you try the following: Take a reasonably well trained shooter, and put them on a firing line wearing an SOB holster. Have them employ an un-tucked shirt as a cover garment. Then put a timer on them and see how long it takes to draw and make a kill zone hit at 7 yards. Most shooters that I've timed could do it in about 1.25 to 1.5 seconds with a strong side holster. I have not yet timed someone who could consistantly do it in under 2 seconds with an SOB. The operative factor here is a cover garment - few, if any folks are going to be walking around with the weapon exposed. Please get back to me with your results - If I am wrong, I certainly want to know. Part of my job is counseling clients on holster options. I need to know if I am giving them bad advice. Thanks!

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    Actually I have carried SOB for several years. I put another holster in between the seats while driving so I'm not sitting on it. Strong side in the waist band holsters really hurt my hip.

    This thread has given me lots to think about. As with pointing it at somebody while drawing that is definitely a compromise (the same with horizontal shoulder rigs). As for crossing your body the in butt up position you rotate on the side of your body vertically Butt down is where the horizontal cross becomes a problem.

    As with any CC option you need to practice you drawing with snap caps to make sure your reflexes have some memory. With a trigger Gard lock depressed with the index finger and keeping the index finger pointed until your on target will dramatica reduce the reflex trigger pull mistakes.

    As for strong side carry it is the undisputed best position for draw times and retention. But strong side carry is still vulnerable to disarmament as one person demonstrates to me when I was armed once. I knew the person but obviously misplaced my trust and let my gard down. He didn't draw the weapon but sure scared the hell out of me when he grabbed hold of it. Moral is attention is the best tool for retention.

    So I really have lots to think about maybe I should try a foam practice gun and a training mat to see if moving the weapon of center has any benefits from falling. Don't worry about me injuring myself I will use cation. You have given some good reasons to look into and see if they can't be worked out.
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