IWB carry when in and out of car alot...

IWB carry when in and out of car alot...

This is a discussion on IWB carry when in and out of car alot... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looking for some input from you more knowledgeable folks... First I have to wear shirt and tie every day, I am too hot natured to ...

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Thread: IWB carry when in and out of car alot...

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    IWB carry when in and out of car alot...

    Looking for some input from you more knowledgeable folks...
    First I have to wear shirt and tie every day, I am too hot natured to always wear a jacket so I pretty much am stuck with iwb tuckable
    I have a crossbreed super tuck that is extremely comfortable when up and about and really even just setting in normal furniture but I have to repeatedly be in and out of the car and some days drive several hours.

    It is in the car that I have problems with comfort, the gun wants to dig in because the seats are formed to curve around your side. It is too much trouble to untuck and take the gun out and then replace.

    Any suggestions on position, I have tried about 4 oclock position with variations but thought I would throw this out and see what solutions others have. I wind up doing the pocket carry some but alot of dress pants are too thin material and it is too obvious you have a huge lump in your pocket. Oh yeah gun in IWB is Kahr cw9, pocket carry is j-frame.

    Thanks and God Bless!


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    You might look into something like these. Looks to me a good way to go for your situation.
    Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster


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    I haven't tried this, but have had one on my radar for some time:
    K.L. Null Holster Ltd. - Holsters

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    Making ammo.
    I wear guns at 3:00 position. Never an issue with vehicle comfort.
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    I use a Kramer under shirt and love it.

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    Many of us have been in the same boat you are in now. There is no easy answer. You can use a concealment shirt or an ankle holster. You might want to think about a smaller sized gun. Some will give you grief about a 380 but a LCP is real easy to conceal. Put some Corbon DPX in it and it can do some damage. No matter what sacrifices will have to be made. The question is where will you make them.

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    I have moved from about 4:30 to 3:00 because of the car and it ides the grip better.
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    same problem for me. The worst part though, ever thought how you would draw while in the driver seat, seat belt fastened, and in that tucked holster? I haven't figured it out yet.

    I have less of a problem with comfort than how I would draw reasonably quick. I'm leaning toward having a second car gun or going to a shoulder rig some day.
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    Well my carry position has changed in the last year or so, from IWB at 3:00 to IWB/SOB at 5:30. I have finally found that 'comfort niche' that works for me...several of my friends use the same position.
    I use this...FIST, INC....and wear it over the right kidney, not the spine.
    The 'palm out draw' keeps the weapon from sweeping the body when drawn.
    Sitting is extremely comfortable, the seatbeld connection is not in the way like it was when wearing a holster at 3:00.
    I now find myself getting home and instead of pulling out the holser prior to sitting in my 'chair', I just sit down and forget about it. Many times I just take my '5 P.M. nap' and forget about the gun.

    Everyone can find that 'niche' where the sidearm seems to disappear into the waist or pocket and the comfort level is the same as that of a watch, wallet, or ring.

    Stay armed...comfortably...stay safe!
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    do a search for UCC by fed_wif_a_sig.

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    Have you tried appendix carry? That how I carry a G27 in a C-Tac (tucked) almost every day and I'm comfortable with it, even driving.

    Might be worth a try...
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    Try Kangaroo Carry: Deep Conceal, The Best Little Holster you will Never See

    Very comfortable, inexpensive, machine washable. Perfect for deep concealment in a standard business casual environment, sans jacket. I wear one all the time with a S&W 442.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I have been so busy this is the first chance I got to check my post.

    I have a UC comfort shirt, I have worn it some but as I mentioned I am really hot natured plus I think the I should have ordered a size bigger, it is just really uncomfortable to me to wear all day, I am very barrel chested and the gun digs in under my arm. I may look at one of the "kangaroo" type since I could adjust it more than the UC comfort.

    Appendix carry? I see this mentioned but since I have a bit of a gut I have assumed this wouldn't work as well for me, but I really haven't tired it.

    retsupt99 I assume you are using a cover garment with that holster?

    Something that really complicates the situation is I am in professional sales and many of my customers have known me for years and some of them hug me etc. and makes it even trickier. Anyway the search for the perfect carry solution continues.

    Thanks for the suggestions gang!

    God Bless,


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