Ankle Holsters? ~ Pro/Cons?

This is a discussion on Ankle Holsters? ~ Pro/Cons? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have much experince with ankle holsters?Thinking about trying one for my sig 230 as a BUG/carry option. thanks in advance!...

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Thread: Ankle Holsters? ~ Pro/Cons?

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    Ankle Holsters? ~ Pro/Cons?

    Does anyone have much experince with ankle holsters?Thinking about trying one for my sig 230 as a BUG/carry option.
    thanks in advance!
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    I carry a BUG in an ankle holster almost daily without any problems. IMO, they key is to get a holster that works for you, as well as the right pair of pants.
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    I would not carry my primary gun that way, too hard too access quickly and discretely.
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    There was an article in Concealed Carry magazine about 18 months back about a man being stabbed while he tried to squat down to retrieve from an angle holster. That story made me think twice about that except for a BUG.

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    Carried Model 60 in an Alessi ankle holster for 25 years as a BUG and sometimes primary weapon. You need the right pants and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE the kneel, pants lift and draw. It's harder than you think.

    But for concealment and cover, nothing beats it. No one will "brush" against your side and make a weapon or nothing will print when you bend over, etc. Lots of reasons for ankle carry.

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    Carry a "J" frame as a backup in an Alessi or Milt Sparks Ankle rig every day and just ordered a new one from 5Shot for my Walther P99c. I can think of a few occasions where I would make this my primary carry mode but definitely few and far between and if you plan to carry this way as a primary or backup, train, train, then train some more!!!

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    I carry my MK9 in an ankle holster as a "sunday gun".

    If you sit with your legs crossed/resting on your opposite knee, it's very easy to draw from a sitting position.
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    Anlke holsters hold no interest for me...I don't want to have to hold my breath to retrieve my gun.
    Here in FL, cold weather means that I wear my 'longer' it's another vote against ankle carry for me.

    I don't know anyone who actually carries that way.
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    As a BUG carry, not to bad. But never would it be my primary carry ... way to hard to get to. "hold on a minute Mr. BG, while I bend way over and pull up my socks.
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    An ankle rig is very fast to access while seated, kneeling, squatting, or after being knocked onto your rear end, which is why I have often used ankle rigs on police patrol over the last 25 years, and sometimes while on my own time. I can wear an SP101, in an Alessi ankle rig, all day long in comfort. Lou Alessi passed away recently, but it seems 5shot and Josh Bulman both make ankle rigs the Lou Alessi way.

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    I too have been thinking about ankle carry, for church. This is one of the few times that I have no good way to carry during the warmer months. I keep my shirt tucked and never wear a jacket. The only weapon that I have that might be suitable is a PPK .380. Does anyone have any experience ankle carrying a PPK?

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    Pro-Deep concealment
    Con-Slower to deploy for most
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    For a BUG, absolutely!

    For primary, never!
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    I use one for my BUG. At work, the need for absolute concealment also leaves me little choice but to use an ankle holster.

    If you plan on using one... practice drawing it a lot!
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    I carry a S&W Airweight .38 in a ankle holster as a BUG or if I have to go into somewhere posted. In OK it's not illegal to carry in private property posted, they can ask you to leave or try to have you charged with trespassing. I'll take my chances, it probably the best concealment I have. I wore cargo shorts the other day and put the S&W in the leg pocket, Looked like I had something in there but didn't look like a gun.

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