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Kramer #3

This is a discussion on Kramer #3 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got mahogany horsehide IWB#3 from Kramer today. This one has a sweat guard, which I like, and is cut to accomodate the Crimson ...

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    Kramer #3

    I just got mahogany horsehide IWB#3 from Kramer today.

    This one has a sweat guard, which I like, and is cut to accomodate the Crimson Trace Laser Grips on my gun. The Belt Loops are in the same place as my Milt Sparks' Summer Special II, but are thinner and not as hard to thread the belt through.

    What seperates the Kramer from the Sparks is the lack of a metal reinforced mouthband, it's horsehide on the Kramer, and the large "wing" that the Sparks doesn't have. I think the "wing" makes the gun more comfortable for daily carry, but that's just me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the Sparks that I wrote up recently, as I still consider it a very good holster and will continue to use it frequently. It's just that I have found that the extra leather on the Kramer is better suited to my needs, for most days.

    The Kramer mouthband is reinforced with horsehide and stays open after multiple draws. Also, it is cut to accomodate the Crimson Trace Lase Grips I use. That does make a difference in how the Holster performs.

    As I said before, it's not as hard to thread a belt through the belt loops. I have had this issue with all Kramer products I have used in the past. Personally I think this may be more to Kramer cutting his holsters just a "hair" different and not relying so much on the belt loops to position the gun on the belt. I may be wrong about that, but it's an educated guess.

    I also received an OWB Double Mag Pouch in the same color and also in horsehide. It is very comfortable to wear. My Sparks Double Mag Pouch is an IWB version. My only complaint with it is it is cut "old school". What that means is, the bullets, while loaded facing down, they are pointed in opposite directions. That can make the last magazine change interesting for someone used to having his bullets facing forward.

    My complaint with the Kramer Mag Pouch is the amount of leather. It's an awful lot, thus forcing me to use my fingertips to grasp my magazines. I much prefer to get as much of my hand as possible on as much magazine as I can when doing a speed reload. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything.

    With the Sparks Mag Pouch I seem to be able to get more of my hand on the magazines, facing the wrong way or not, even though it's worn IWB.

    I prefer horsehide in sweaty environments and metal reinforced mouthbands when I'm in and out of the leather a lot. So for me I have specific applications for each holster, and they will both get used frequently. Both position the gun about the same on my hip, so that's not an issue to me. They also have very similar rake, so again, that's not an issue for me.

    I just wanted to give a plug to Kramer, especially since I don't see much on the forums about their products.

    Kramer Handgun Leather - Revolver holsters, concealment holsters, paddle holster, 1911 holster, ankle holster


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    I just went over to the Kramer website very nice looking holsters, use it well.

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    I have always admired Kramer's stuff. I think they make one of the most attractive owb scabbards out there...and their pocket holsters are higly revered.
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    Thier rigs are VERY durable too.

    Oh and pics of the holster on would be appreciated, i have used the iwb#2 but not the #3 yet.

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    I have a Kramer #3, and once had two. I think I gave the one for a 1911 to a LEO who was a member of our church. The one I still have is for a Glock.

    Personally I find the Kramer too bulky, and not comparable to my Sparks ExC. I also have a Kramer OWB for a 1911, and again do not find it comparable to several other of my OWBs, including Sparks, Brommeland, Del Fatti, or Nossar.

    I understand that the Kramer paddle holster is the cream of the crop, but I would not buy another Kramer except the paddle.

    Just a difference of opinion. The user is the final arbiter.


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