So, I got the Sherrick U.S. High Ride a couple of weeks ago. In the end, I would have to give it a D for concealability. I explained that I wanted to wear it forward of 3 o'clock a number of times, was told that that would be no problem, the holster looked very nice, the maker really got it out to me asap, but when I put the gun in it, there was no way this thing was concealing, even in a button down, one size larger, roomy timberland shirt.

Basically, too much padding around the middle (I'm 5'8" 210lbs, about as much muscle as fat), so I guess the high ride will just not work forward of 3 o'clock without some serious high level engineering and even then, it's doubtful.

So, now I'm thinking a lower ride, reverse cant to 15 degrees owb. Is there anything out there in stock that I can buy?

Alternatively, I see there's the HN Skinguard but I'd probably have to buy a 1.5" belt for that (to really fit the pre-cut loops), and the last 1.5" I got made my back hurt (maybe it was the holes too far apart, causing the belt to cinch too tight etc). Plus when its hotter than 85 to 90 and humid, the last thing I want to wear is a substantial belt. Basically, I have a Sherrick double thickness 1.25" horse belt black and a Hume 1.5" double thick cow brown.

I've also looked at the Hume holsters again- can't say that any of them are what I'm looking for, in particular. Maybe as a substitute holster.

Basically, I'd like an owb that pulls in tight preferably w/o wasting more money on yet another belt, that rides at or forward of 3 o-clock and has a slide guard and possible a reverse cant.

I should also say that while the owner at Lightning Arms said that 3 o/c with a 15 degree or less forward cant would be perfectly concealable, the owner of Beltman said you couldn't conceal anything at 3 o/c even with an army field jacket on b/c the hip bone would push out the gun. So, I really don't know on that one.

I'm beginning to feel like this whole holster business is a scam. The Renegade ankle isn't bad though.

Again, lots of driving to vacation, northern midwest in June, temps up to 90 and humid. Then, Florida in October or November.