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Thread: So how many of you....

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    Question So how many of you....

    Maintain your gun leather... We all take care of our guns, oil, clean.... but how many actually do your gun leather justice....
    Last night I again took a black marker to any and all scratches (black pancake) and hit is with a good coat of shoe polish....
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    Most of my holsters are IWB's and don't seem to get scuffed at all. I haven't had to do too much other than a quick rub with an 'oil sponge' normally used for shoes.
    Other than that...not much.
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    I treat my new holsters with Mink oil soak wipe them down and let dry a bit, then just keep them dry, and oiled sometimes if they need it. Scratches and such unless its deep enough to go through I dont worry about. As to using Shoe polish, I wouldnt, it wears off and can foal your weapon and clothes. Also it isnt the proper way to maintain leather, a saddle soap cleaning, and mink oiling. It will take anything nasty off the leather, maintain it, and waterproof it very well.
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    I have to say I'm a little lax in the department, but I do mink oil them here and there as stated above, just not as much as I should.
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    I use a little leather cleaner 2-3 times a year. I seem to remember mink oil will soften the leather making the holster sloppy. Maybe the holster makers will chime in.
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    This does bring up something that I've been pondering since I've had my ccw permit. What is the proper way to treat our leather holsters. I know we can't do a lot about the metal snaps, etc. but what about the leather itself?

    I'm already noticing that my IWB & OSB have some minor scratch issues. My OWB is dark leather. My IWB is tan. What is the proper care of our fine leather holsters?

    I will always defer to people who have have carried CCW long before I decided to join this elite group. Can any of you who have carried long before I have help us new CCW permitees out in the proper care of "gun leather."

    Thanks again!
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    From the Milt Sparks Holster web site:
    What can I do to maintain the appearance of my new leather?
    Nothing much needs to be done other than an occasional waxing to help maintain appearance. That applies to items with the smooth-out finish only! Rough out finishes such as on our SS-2 and Summer Special holsters, should be left as is except for maybe an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

    Do not use silicone, oil, or any leather conditioning product that advertises itself as an aid to help soften leather.

    Angelus has a product we use called Lustre Cream and it is available in both cordovan and black. Fiebings, Carnauba wax is also a good protectorate for smooth leather, but will oxidize on the leather surface if not used or buffed occasionally.

    One product we recommend wholeheartedly is Renaissance Wax. Renaissance can be purchased direct from the above link, or you can purchase it directly through us. It is the only product we have found that will not permanently discolor our tan colored finish and it works great on black and cordovan finishes as well! You can even use it on metal and wood. We generally stock the small, 65ml tin for resale, as we found that a little bit goes a long way.
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    I regularly treat all my leather with Obenauf's leather preservativeat least once a year....and the insides all get a coat of Mitch Rosen's Leather Lightning.

    Obenauf's Leather Care Products

    (From the Rosen Website)...great stuff.

    Leather Lightning™ is applied to the inside of a holster to produce a very slick draw. Even the most tightly boned holsters, a hallmark of my gunleather, will now be able to be effortlessly broken in as you carry your handgun...without compromising a fast, smooth presentation. Leather Lightning is a surface treatment for leather and will therefore not be absorbed by the leather, nor harm the finish of your firearm. This will not alter the original fit. Mitch Rosen is the sole distributor of Leather Lightning. Leather Lightning is a trademark of Phoenix Armory, Inc.

    ORDER: LL™

    PRICE: $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinokrk View Post
    I use a little leather cleaner 2-3 times a year. I seem to remember mink oil will soften the leather making the holster sloppy. Maybe the holster makers will chime in.
    Any oil will soften the leather over time. Mink oil is bad but Neets foot oil is the worst. As far as dying a old holster. Some dyes have alcohol and can actually dry your holster out over time. Kinda like Armoral on rubber.

    There is no matinence on my holsters. Maybe just a damp cloth to get the dust off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakota97 View Post
    From the Milt Sparks Holster web site:

    One product we recommend wholeheartedly is Renaissance Wax.
    +1 on Renaissance Wax.
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    I do nothing to mine other than a rare application of Galco Draw EZ to the insides.

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    I clean my IWB holster and then rub in a good coat of Renaissance Wax about every other week during the summer to help combat sweat, dirt, grime, and other such nasties.

    edit: Then again, I coat darn near everything in Renaissance Wax so ...
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    I blow the dust out of mine every year or so. I kind of prefer the 'used' look although I'm a bit annoyed that my favorite OWB holster, the Don Hume 'Just in time', less than a year old and worn a few hours a week, is slowly going back to brown in a front to back fade across the bottom. Worn holsters I like, faded ones not so much.
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    Never...and havent had a single problem. I like cleaning my guns more than the leather the ride in =)

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    I sometimes wipe mine off with a dry rag. I don't worry much about them as I feel sure all of them will outlast me. If by chance one does wear out I'll just buy another, or rather order another, and see if I live long enough to get it.


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