SmartCarry- think this is a bad idea...?

This is a discussion on SmartCarry- think this is a bad idea...? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Bad idea I think. It is just a pocket and doesn't offer any retention. You could easily be one of those guys who's gun drops ...

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Thread: SmartCarry- think this is a bad idea...?

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    Bad idea I think. It is just a pocket and doesn't offer any retention. You could easily be one of those guys who's gun drops on the floor in public one day.

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    Retention questions are valid... that's kinda what inspired my post. The pocket is tight, but obviously not as tight as a Kydex holster or even a full leather holster... but like a leather holster, the weight keeps the pistol in place. If it was loose or sloppy in any way, I probably would have never done this.

    I'm not really worried about accidentally dropping it, but if I was actually wrestling with a BG, it could come loose... I'd like to think I could draw before I'm in a wrestling match on the ground, but things might not go that way.

    Good input, all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragin Cajun View Post
    Bad idea I think. It is just a pocket and doesn't offer any retention. You could easily be one of those guys who's gun drops on the floor in public one day.
    If you had ever used one you would know that a gun properly holstered in a SmartCarry isn't going to fall out. It's hard enough to just draw the darn thing!

    Seriously though, in some cases when absolute concealment is necessary and it's either a SmartCarry or leave the gun at home... then, it's a very good holster.
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    Between the belt and the bulging belly that sucker ain't coming out unless I really want it to ... and even then it may take a moment or two!

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    I don't think I'd do it. The SmartCarry holster works well inside the pants but outside, since it isn't a friction fit leather holster, nor a kydex holster that grabs the trigger guard, there really isn't anything holding the gun in the holster if it is worn outside the pants. When inside the pants, the pants themselves keep the gun in place. But outside, anything could happen to knock it out of that fabric holster.

    I own a SmartCarry myself, and I just don't think it is secure enought to wear outside the pants.
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    I wear mine on the outside around the house and yard.

    I'm not an attorney; and asking one might be a good idea. I quess as long as it is "concealed" you'll probably be ok. Much like people who wear an OWB holsters conceal with their clothes.

    The only problem I see is keeping it securely in the holster. Having it tucked inside your pants gives you a more secure hold on your gun.

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    How about installing a holster inside the smartcarry and have the best of both worlds?
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    My solution to retention issue is to wear it at 1 to 2 o'clock, INSIDE the pants, with the grip (Glock 27) exposed about halfway above the waistband. I can tuck the shirt or not, and the trigger is protected by the thick waist band of the trousers, as well as any belt I wear. I also like 4 o'clock, same concept with the Glock in the forward pocket of the SC, in an FBI-like cant. I have the deluxe SC, so both pockets are the same size. Spare Glock 22 mag goes in the other SC pocket. The whole rig flat disappears, even in gym shorts and a loosely tucked t-shirt.

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    I agree

    Worn on the outside it is basically not much more than a floppy generic holster without retention.
    I personally would not do it but, if it's working out for you then more power to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gibber View Post
    But one issue to consider here is the retention offered by the SC being inside of your pants vs the outside. Inside, there is an'envelope' of containment and outside, you would not have that retention.
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    This is the first time I've really looked at these holsters. Seems to me that they really have a place. I can't really see that inside or outside would make much of a difference (obviously inside being more secure). Thanks for sharing.

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