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This is a discussion on Dumb question OWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yes, using a Side Guard Holsters - Home Page I carry my Glock 26 all the time under just a T-shirt, Hawaiian shirt, or button ...

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Thread: Dumb question OWB

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    Yes, using a
    Side Guard Holsters - Home Page

    I carry my Glock 26 all the time under just a T-shirt, Hawaiian shirt, or button up shirt so long as it’s un-tucked. Polo’s so long as they are large on you, are also fine.

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    I usually dont try and carry OWB unless its winter. Just because here in WA during the summer it gets pretty warm and I usually wear jeans and a tee. With a paddle holster and my full size 4 1/2" XDm the bottom pokes out. Some people might say to wear a bigger t-shirt, then I could swim in it! I am not a big guy, I only wear a Med-Lg!

    However, in the winter its a different story. I wear a sweater and/or a coat. Wearing my gun IWB does not make much sence. I follow the two-second rule: Get the gun out, present it, and fire within two seconds. Under all those bulky cloths is much harder to to with a IWB.

    So if you want to wear a OWB then I would recomend a vest or other loose, maybe larger fitting garmets.

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    Although I prefer to carry IWB I have on occasion carried my P-220R OWB but it requires me to wear either a larger, looser fitting shirt or in cooler weather a jacket of some sort.
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    Glock 27 in a Don Hume 721 OT pancake, covered with a dark tee shirt or golf shirt

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    Vince K
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    TT Gun Leather makes a very fine high ride pancake.

    The bigger you are & baggier the close, the less your 229 will print under a un-tucked shirt.

    I'm fairly lean and wear medium to small sized clothing (it's just my style). My Sig Pro prints quite a bit under a un-tucked T-shirt; so if I usually have a light jacket over that.

    Good luck on your purchase.

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    I carry my Kimber Ultra Carry OWB in a Little Bear Leather high ride holster. It rides high and very tight to my waist, and I conceal easily with a loose fitting T shirt here in Florida.
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