Dumb question OWB

Dumb question OWB

This is a discussion on Dumb question OWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I currently carry a 229 IWB in a VMII. It conceals easily with jeans or shorts and an untucked polo or golf shirt. I'm thinking ...

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Thread: Dumb question OWB

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    Dumb question OWB

    I currently carry a 229 IWB in a VMII. It conceals easily with jeans or shorts and an untucked polo or golf shirt.

    I'm thinking about trying an OWB rig. Is it possible to conceal OWB with just an untucked polo or golf style shirt, or will I need a more substantial cover garment?
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    I think it depends on how high the holster rides on your waist, how bulky the set up is and what garments you're wearing. So, make sure the holster rides high enogh to ensure the bottom doesn't expose. Wear a lose fitting shirt or other garment to cover it without printing.
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    I wear both using Crossbreed holsters and as long as my cover shirt is a little on the long side I have no problems concealing, as stated above if it is a smaller shirt that is short the muzzle shows...

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    As said above, I have certain shirts that I'll wear while carrying OWB (longer, darker, or pattern print-helps breakup outline of gun), and any old shirt while IWB.

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    I usually use a high ride holster OWB with a T-shirt over that and then a unbuttoned cover shirt with a print, and that works really well for me, I can carry a large N frame revolver and it conceals very well

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    I have no problem with a G26 OWB with just an untucked button up shirt. I can wear a one size bigger dark t shirt too. The button up shirts work best IMO.

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    I have a friend that wears a medium tee shirt to cover his OWB 1911 Gov't. It covers the muzzle, but barely.
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    With a print shirt that remains unbuttoned, you will have no problems.
    I buy my shirts a little larger because I like a lot of room in the neck after several washings...cover is never a problem even buttoned up.
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    I carry a full size gun under a T-Shirt every day.

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    Anything I carry, I carry OWB, and always with an untucked top. I've always worn tops untucked, so an untucked top looks like anything else I would normally wear. At 5'4" and 125 pounds I can carry and conceal anything from my Model 36 snubbie, to my 686 Plus to my GP100 with a 6" barrel.
    About the only thing I really have much concern over is thin clingy knit fabrics. Textured fabrics and busy prints hide things even better, but I have been wearing a crinkled texture gauze blouse and carrying the 686 all day, out for breakfast, running errands, a trip to the range and out to dinner, nobody has given a second look.
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    I carry a G27 in a Mitch Rosen with just a pull over or a button up untucked a fair amount. The darker shirts work better. Plaid shirts are great. A good belt is a must. I use a Belt Man, but any good quality gun belt should work. I am going to order a C.Rusty Sherrick US High Ride holster at some point - his is the only holster that I have seen that rides high - I know others make the claim - like the Mitch Rosen upper limit - but not even close to Sherrick's. But I will say the Mitch Rosen works well with most shirts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbosyn View Post
    I currently carry a 229 IWB in a VMII. It conceals easily with jeans or shorts and an untucked polo or golf shirt.

    I'm thinking about trying an OWB rig. Is it possible to conceal OWB with just an untucked polo or golf style shirt, or will I need a more substantial cover garment?
    I do it with a G23 all the time. It's possible, it just depends on your choice of clothes to cover it with and what shape you are in.
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    I carry a Sig 220 in a Galco Cop Series G519T. I wear a loose dark or plaid cover garment and it works well. The key to any rig though is a good thick heavy gun belt. Other wise you give yourself away by pulling your pants up over and over and over again all day. LOL I am looking at going to an IWB though. Any suggestions?
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    I carry a Dan Wesson CBOB in a UBG OWB holster on a Beltman belt. I generally have a button up shirt left open over a t-shirt. I'm not as comfortable without the second shirt.
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    Give it a try and see what happens. I carry a S&W 457, OTW, using Kydex under an untucked button-up shirt, one size too big. Not fashionable, but works well to conceal in warm weather.
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