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Does your belt really matter???

This is a discussion on Does your belt really matter??? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I mentioned a gun belt to a guy at work and he kind of looked at me funny. After he got his first decent holster ...

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Thread: Does your belt really matter???

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    I mentioned a gun belt to a guy at work and he kind of looked at me funny. After he got his first decent holster he realized what I was talking about and ordered a Beltman horsehide. A good stiff belt is important. I haven't found many standard belts that are stiff enough.

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    It makes a big difference for OWB carry, not so much for IWB carry.
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    A gun belt is the only way to go commercial department store belst may seem stif at first but in a few weeks will stretch. Buy a belt made for gun carry you will not regret the purchase.

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    I carry a full size 5" 1911 and a good gun belt is essential. I wear a Don Hume 1.5" belt.

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    When it comes to belt yes its does really matter. The one thing Im differant on is that the typical "Gun"belt for those of us that are curvy, and slim with out any real padding, might need a slightly less stiff belt to avoid chaffing and worse. The stiffer the belt the more it creates spots on the hips and waist that dig in and rub you raw, or in one time with me missing skin.
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    Terri ~

    Next time order a "contour cut" belt, which is designed to conform to curves. You get the good, stiff support your firearm needs, plus the comfort your body requires.

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    Gun belts are a must! A good holster without a good gun belt doesn't do the job like it should. I have found that regular belts droop, sag, and twist on me in about 2 months. Then I start pulling up my pants and repositioning my gun and holster all day long.

    I've been using a Wilderness 5 stitch belt for the last year. It's held up quite well. Since getting it I've stopped using my other belts. I even use it when I can't carry.

    My next belt will be a Wilderness also. I am going to try one with an insert for even more support.

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    I use western style belts all the time, but they cost about the same or more than belts made by holster companies.

    For totaling a pistol, a belt needs to be able to synch down tight, and be at least 1-1/2 inch wide to give support, in helping keep the holster from flip flopping.

    At Gander Mountain, I found a Columbia military style black 1-5/8 inch wide belt that works great, for shorts. Under $20 dollars.

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    I would say yes, I didn't think so until I bought a 5.11 instructors belt, I also wear a bianchi leather belt, and the do make a difference.

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    New thicker belts made a difference for me. I noticed the weight of the Galco OWB setup would pull down and out on my belt and I felt like I constantly needed to pull it back up. (What's the point of concealing if I have to keep tugging it back up to my waist). It also caused the handle of the gun to stick out.

    When I use my Supertuck from Crossbreed, it was fine with a regular belt since it is IWB, so a special belt was not as critical.

    I didn't realize I would need a thicker, stiffer belt until I actually carried for a whole day... My advice, get one.

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    HUGE different. If you have the money get one from the beltman. I've had mine for almost 2 years now I think and even with the added notch in it (I lost a good bit of weight when I stopped lifting and started running again) it is still holding up just fine.

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    You all are cheap as can be $5 K-mart 1" belt works just shoulder harness doesn't sag at all....

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    669 my Wilderness instructer belt yesterday! So far today, I'm noticing a pretty big difference. Now, I'm also wearing a new pair of jeans, so it's not exactly a perfect trial. But tomorrow I'll probably be wearing one of my older pairs of jeans and I'll update with those results.

    The belt is great though, really tuff!!!
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    Personally, I think it makes a huge difference.

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    Vince K
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