Does your belt really matter???

Does your belt really matter???

This is a discussion on Does your belt really matter??? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My Wrangler western belt seems to carry my holster just fine. Does a 50-100$ holster belt really make a big diffrence??...

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Thread: Does your belt really matter???

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    Does your belt really matter???

    My Wrangler western belt seems to carry my holster just fine. Does a 50-100$ holster belt really make a big diffrence??
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    I would say that any thick leather belt will do just fine.
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    Yes it def makes a huge differance. If you have a Gun Friendly military Supply shop or even a local gun shop that sells belts go by there with your carry piece & see if they will let you try i on with your gear. The few in my area will let you. I can almost guarantee you will notice the diff immediatly. If you dont want to spend 80.00-100.00 on a belt check out the wilderness tactical belts they can be had anywhere between 35.00 to 40.00 & they work great.

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    Big diffrence. Night and Day

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    Having a stiff proper gun belt matters more for OWB carry than it does for IWB carry.

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    Yes, it makes a huge difference in comfort, stability, and concealability.

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    YES! I was a skeptic, but am now sold. A thick, sturdy belt makes a huge difference for both IWB and OWB holsters. The sturdy belt holds the holster instead of the pants.
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    I'll let you know on Monday. I finally ordered my Wilderness belt last week. Can't quite afford a beltman belt. I bought a decent belt a few months ago when I began carrying, it was fine at first...but lately it has definitely begun to sag and pull on the opposite side of the holster.

    I didn't expect the belt I had to last, but I had to wait til I could afford to buy a nicer belt (college student and all).
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    I certainly think so!
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    I agree that buying a quality gun belt makes all the difference. Maybe there are some decent quality department store belts that will work just fine, but in my experience, thick leather gun belts or nylon belts like the Wilderness brand really do work better.
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    I thought I had a wide sturdy stiff belt. I am wearing my sig p245 owb and my sig is flopping away from my body instead of fitting snug against my side. I really need a stiff wide belt and I am hoping the convention has them
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    I ordered one from Don was way less than the other custom shops.
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    The fact that a real gun belt is MUCH better than a regular belt is a given.

    The real point is that while the gun belt does what it is supposed to do, it will outlast your regular belt ten fold. If you pay $15 for a Wrangler belt and have to replace it every few months due to sag (and you will), that adds up to $60 a year.

    Still think a gun belt that will last a minimum of 5 years is not worth it?

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    There is a huge difference between a typical belt and a gun belt.

    My $50 gun belt is still doing it's thing. It is getting worn and floppy though, so I ordered a $120 horse-hide belt from the Beltman. Yea it's a splurge, and my gun leather is a priority for me.

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    Speaking of belts...

    I was just at wally world making my rounds after work and looked at a few new belts. I bought two black wrangler belts model A99 on the little paper thing hanging off the hook. They are 1 1/2 belts and are really stiff as far as walmart belts go. Pretty forward looking too. Made of not of this earth synthetic what ever but I have tried it and will easily support my Taurus pt92 no problem. And the best part they were 10 bucks each. Thought all you wally walkers might keep an eye out for um.

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