looking for belt

looking for belt

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Thread: looking for belt

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    looking for belt

    Hello I am looking for a not so expensive gun belt. I carry a ruger GP100 and have a Bianchi Shadow II holster. I was thinking about the wilderness instructor or Bianchi has belts not to expensive. Any recommendations? Cannot afford Beltman right now. My last belt I used was from someone in the local flee market who makes them and just doesn't hold up.

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    Comptac makes a very nice belt for $75. I got mine in less than a week.
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    Ive got a crossbreed belt and love it. I think it was about 60 or 70 dollars. If that is to expensive ive heard nothing but good things about the wilderness belts you are looking at.

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    I have a wilderness instructor's belt - 5 stitch version. I like it very much, and it is very comfortable. It is easily adjustable, looks much better than I was expecting, does a great job supporting my iwb gun and holster and was only $40 bucks. Furthermore, it was shocking to me how much of a difference a stiff gun belt makes for carrying everyday.

    I am currently waiting on my Beltman, and I expect it to be even better. That being said, I wanted the Wilderness belt to have an option for when you don't want to wear a nice leather belt. However, it actually looks pretty decent with a pair of jeans.

    Good luck, and get a gun belt. You won't regret it.
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    +1 for the Wilderness Instructor. I can't believe what a difference it makes over my thick leather belt from Kohls. I will never carry again without a proper belt.

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    I like my Aker gun belt that I got from Galls...took about a week.
    Aker® Leather Dress Belt - LP224 : Galls

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    +1 on the CrossBreed belt, I've heard lots of good things about them. I just ordered mine this week! I got a black belt with no velcro, I believe it was right around 68.00 including shipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim View Post
    I like my Aker gun belt that I got from Galls...took about a week.
    Aker® Leather Dress Belt - LP224 : Galls

    +1 if you want a nice dressy looking leather belt.

    Otherwise the Wilderness instructor's belt for less formal.

    Both relatively inexpensive and on the Aker I like mine very much.

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    FWIW I have gotten my best belts and only paid half of what has been listed here by going to local saddle makers. If you live in near a rural area look ask around for saddle repair and makers. These guy usually do it as a hobby but they make incrediable belts. Explain to them that you want a extra thick belt or a belt made from harness leather. A local guy here made be a gorgeous belt from latigo colored harness leather it is amazing and the best gunbelt I have ever had. Cost $50. Made from other regular colors is $35. And I took him a belt I had worn for years so he made it custom. Give it a try.

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    I looked at some Amish leather belts on ebay. They are single layer, but 10 -12 oz. They are going for about $20 plus 5 or $6 postage.
    If I wanted one fast, I would give one of those a try.

    I am sure they are not equal to the double layer belts we normally use, but you don't have to wait a month or two. I have not seen one.


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    I've also heard good things about the Wildeness belt. Doubt you will go wrong with that option.

    I wear a CrossBreed, and the belt is incredible. I'll definitely go back to them when I need another. Took me a little less than 3 weeks when I ordered.

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