Crossout for Kimber CDP Compact in holsters?

Crossout for Kimber CDP Compact in holsters?

This is a discussion on Crossout for Kimber CDP Compact in holsters? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for an OWB holster for my new CDP Compact. Being left-handed, it limits the choices a little, and I find that many holster ...

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Thread: Crossout for Kimber CDP Compact in holsters?

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    Crossout for Kimber CDP Compact in holsters?

    I'm looking for an OWB holster for my new CDP Compact. Being left-handed, it limits the choices a little, and I find that many holster dealers have limited choices (a good number, but not all of their offereings) directly for the Kimber.

    Is there an exact crossout for my Kimber I can look for? That is, would a holster for a Colt Commander, a Para or something similar be an exact fit? I would be cautious in doing something like this unless I knew for sure it would be a good fit.

    Please let me know, but only if you are sure, not just speculating.

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    Nice choice -- I have a Classic CDP II and an Ultra CDP II (my EDC weapon).

    My usual holster is either a Supertuck or a Milt Sparks VMII -- but for OWB use, I have a Fobus Paddle and a couple different leather Galcos (belt pancake holsters) -- they're all good, but they all have their purpose.

    You'll want something that's made for that barrel size - I think the Commander is the fit you want - but in some cases, they sell them specifically for Kimbers - check the holster description carefully.

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    I use the Don Hume 721 OT. It is designed well as a high-ride holster and pulls the grip of the gun into your ribs so it doesn't bulge out much. I wear a columbia or magellan shirt over it and it vanishes.

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    Your Kimber, as wells as Springfields, Wilsons and others, has a 4" barrel. The Colt Commander, and others like it, has a 4.25" barrel. For an OWB holster there is no practical difference in using the Commander holster with your gun; the fit and function will be perfect. I trade guns around from time to time, and sometimes have a Commander and sometimes a 4" gun, so I buy all my holsters to fit the 4.25" guns so I can use them with any gun that I happen to have.

    If you're going to have the holster custom made then go ahead and order it for a 4" 1911, as all the custom makers can accomodate both sizes and that way it will be an esthetically perfect fit. But most of the factory production holsters are made to fit the 4.25" guns as well as the 4" guns, that way they only have to make one size. If you find a 4.25" Commander holster that you like and it's in stock then buy it and don't worry.
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