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women and how to conceal a gun?

This is a discussion on women and how to conceal a gun? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by VV I don't do purses, unless I go to work. So forget sticking one in there. Good, good. Can't use it if ...

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Thread: women and how to conceal a gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VV View Post
    I don't do purses, unless I go to work. So forget sticking one in there.
    Good, good. Can't use it if you can't get to it.

    I hike a lot, especially in summer = wearing light weight closing.
    When you say light weight are you saying t-shirt and shorts? No belt?
    Define "light weight."

    Are there any particular issues concealing a gun being a female?
    This depends on a couple of different factors such as mode of dress, body style and type of gun you are trying to conceal.

    For instance, it IS going to be a little more difficult for a woman to conceal a full-size 1911 when she is 90 lbs and wears only mini-skirts and tank tops. Catching my drift?

    For the most part, however, the only real issues that women have to deal above and beyond the men are as follows:

    1. Dress
    Men's attire is usually some sort of slack and shirt and even if they choose not to wear a belt there is always the loops there to make it an option.
    With skirts, dresses, loopless pants and more form fitting blouses and slacks (not to mention the inability of clothing manufacturers to give us women a decent pocket in our trousers) all make for interesting things to consider when considering how and what you are going to carry and conceal a firearm.

    Think about your usual day-to-day attire. Look at holster/gun options that will accommodate that style.

    2. Curves
    We have hips and we have breasts. This can make it hard to conceal in what is called the "strong side" position which is straight up and down on the hip as it can be very obvious something is there with the hip pushing it out. Also, the curve of the breast can make a shoulder holster more difficult to access without wearing it a bit lower on the person. If the woman has a smaller bust it is not so much of an issue, but larger busts can make it difficult to conceal or access. Either being a bad thing.

    3. Pregnancy
    No matter how good of a setup you find, if you expect to have children expect your whole body (and therefore carry system) to be completely thrown out of whack. For a while you may have to be PRETTY creative. As hard as it is to find regular girl clothes that are concealing, it's even harder to find maternity clothes that accommodate guns and holsters.

    Any suggestions on what the best way is to carry it on me?
    Without seeing or knowing you and without knowing what you are planning on carrying then it's hard to give you specific advice. I can only tell you that for me (a 96 lbs, 5'3" woman), I found kidney carry behind the dominant hip to be most comfortable and easily concealable as well as the most versatile. Though I have carried in almost every conceivable way.

    Today someone showed me a pocket holster. If I get a small revolver such as the Taurus Ultra light 38 special, it may work.
    Again, this depends on the size of said pockets. I know that none of my jeans provided enough room for me to get my hand in my pocket much less a gun and even if I COULD get the gun in there it would take WAY WAY WAY too much time to get it out again if/when I needed it.

    Are there any other places on my body pratical enough to conceal a gun?
    As I've already said, behind the hip is very popular and probable.
    Appendix carry is also a popular position for women.
    There are also some women who are okay with it being directly in front.
    Shoulder holsters should not be ruled out though it does require the use of a cover garment at all times.
    Stay away from ankle or thigh carry for your primary carry piece unless you have no other choice. You want an option that allows you to draw while on the move. Trying to draw a firearm from an ankle or thigh while moving is very difficult.
    Small of the back is possible but also less desirable because of potential damage to the spine should you fall. That and it is hard to draw while you are laying on your gun. It can also be extremely uncomfortable while sitting in a vehicle or office chair.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    This is what I wear to work in,under my cargo shorts,everyday outside...Smart Carry...under sweat pants,or jogging shorts,has a sweat barrier,on the backside,between you and the rig,to protect the gun from sweat.....works great for me summer and winter,without the need for a belt,or tight fitting clothes....

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    I think its the impossible dilemma. Finding a spot on a woman to conceal depends alot on the woman. But like always, it has to be more complicated then it really is. If you find the answer to your question, please fill in my wife lol!
    "Anyone worth shooting, is probably worth shooting several times."

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    I saw something at the gun show I liked
    A Better Holster

    But then I wonder how fast you could reach for the gun in case you have to use it.
    I definitely like the idea and fit of those shirts. No extra straps on/around your body. Nothing stuck in your waist band.
    Lock and load and let ‘em tell it to the judge. It’s good to be insured by Smith and Wesson.

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    I am a pretty active female and when I carry I often carry using a belly-band... it is quite versatile and I bought it thinking I wouldn't like it but I love it! Unfortunately the best way to find out what works for you is to keep trying things till you find one!

    I said I wasn't going to be one of those people that had a drawer full of holster... I was wrong!

    Good luck Krockett

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