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Where is you wallet when using IWB holster

This is a discussion on Where is you wallet when using IWB holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Strong side rear pocket. However, as other LEOs mentioned, shield and ID in support side front pocket for easy access while gun is drawn....

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Thread: Where is you wallet when using IWB holster

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    Strong side rear pocket. However, as other LEOs mentioned, shield and ID in support side front pocket for easy access while gun is drawn.
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    I voted other because I carry my wallet in my strong side cargo pocket when possible. When I'm not wearing cargo pants/shorts, I carry it in my camelback that I am almost always carrying.
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    I carry inside the waistband appendix[usually tucked]. My wallet is carried in a shirt pocket where I can get to my ID in a non-threatening manner.
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    I carry stronside with my wallet in that back pocket
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    In plain clothes, I carry my wallet on the strong side. In my uniform, I carry it on my weak side only because my baton is in the way of my pocket.
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    Ive been carrying in my left front pocket for years due to chiropractors advice anyway, so there was no changes a couple years back when i started to CC
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    weak side front pocket

    want to have strong side hand free at all times . in the academy thay showed us a video of a trooper that when under attack clentched his flash light that was in his gun hand and do to your bodies reaction to this stress he could not let it go to draw his weapon.and was killed.
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    i carry my wallet strong side back pocket. about 2 inches from my side arm.
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    moved to weak side

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    Strong side rear pocket. Mine does not reveal when I pull my wallet. Also, pulling my wallet is a good excuse to go to my strong side if a BG shows up.

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    Many years ago I started to carry my wallet in my weak side front pocket. Primaraly to protect against pick pockets and now it has no impact on my strong side IWB holster so no change was made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    While my wallet is in my weak side back pocket...keeping in any pocket is not a hindrance.
    Several years ago, I switch from a thick wallet that was more like a 'four-drawer' file cabinet, to a half inch thick leather money clip.
    I have a driver's license, CCW license, one credit card, and my medical card...my money is folded in the middle.
    Anything else I might need such as a fishing license, etc., is kept in the safe and only taken as needed.
    I'm the same way. I used to carry all that junk now just a small pocket carrier with the DL, CWFL, a little cash (driver carries less than $20 on person ), debit card and my vehicle insurance card. Everything else is FLUFF!
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    I usually carry my wallet on the opposite side of my IWB carry, or in my back pocket. It all depends on what type of jeans I have on that day.
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    Weak side rear pocket. I've started carrying my wallet on my left side all the time.

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    Two wallets;

    -Main wallet/weak side front pocket-driver licence, 2 credit cards, CCW(license).
    -Thin wallet/shirt or front strong side pocket-business cards, a few bucks.

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