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Lucky Find

This is a discussion on Lucky Find within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Prowling around on another forum today, one of the guys brought up HBE Leatherworks and the rig he's got on order. I hadn't thought about ...

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    Lucky Find

    Prowling around on another forum today, one of the guys brought up HBE Leatherworks and the rig he's got on order. I hadn't thought about HBE rigs in a while so I decided to criuise over to his webiste and check out his wares. Went to the On Sale area and...left handed, 5 in 1911 COM3 just sitting there waiting on me. Show eric a e-mail, not expecting to hear from him until Monday at teh earliest....wrong. He answered on Sunday. Needless to new rig ships Monday
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    I hope you're left handed!!

    Seriously, great score!!
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    Good job! In general it's hard for us left hander's to find good deals but sometimes ya get lucky! Play the lottery! lol
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    Parents should have sent all of you southpaw kids to Catholic School...the Nuns would have cracked the backs of those satanic left hands with a wooden yardstick until you all became right handed like us normal people.....then you would be able to find nice holsters everywhere.

    Just Kidding...Just Kidding......

    Glad that you found yourself a rig. HBE makes nice stuff. I carried in one of his holsters for a while and the only thing I didn't like about it was the color. I'm not crazy about black holsters as all of my other belts and stuff are brown.

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    You know, we joke about that now, but I went to a Catholic elementary school and the teachers would rap the desk right in front of your hand with a ruler if you used your left hand.

    I still blame the Church for me not being ambidextrous anymore...

    But anyways, congrats on the new rig!
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    I am right handed but should have been left because I didnt knwo the difference when my kindergarten teacher asked. I am left eye dominant and shoot my long guns, bows and eat left handed. I shoot my sidearm right handed and aim with my left eye. Go figure. I have a Com III for my G23, right handed. Love it and you will too.
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    I am Not a lefty but when looking at the HBE page over the weekend just to feel sorry for myself, I saw he had an OS Pro for an H&K USP Compact.
    I figured "HBE, with something I want, in way", the page must be out of date and it was most likely long gone plus being Saturday, but what the heck so I called.
    Eric answers and says yes I still have it and it is a very nice holster. We do the e-mail invoice thing and he said it will go out Monday! Goes to show every now and then even a blind hog roots up an acorn.

    Then when I get home today I find the little form in the mail box stating they have a package that needs a signature and it can be picked up tomorrow or sign the card and they will leave it the following day.
    The only thing to ID the sender was the zip which I didn't recognize. After checking I discover its from Little Bear Holster. I have one of their Hybrids on order for my Night Guard (one of the few makers that has the mold) and its just into the 3rd week!
    I have been weeks and weeks trying to find good holsters for these two without waiting forever and now both solved in two days. I was sure Little Bear would be way longer than their quoted time but actually 4 days ahead! I will get pics out as soon as I can.

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    Sounds like it was meant to be yours.
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    Great score!

    My favorite is when you find the perfect holster and then you notice that it say "Right hand Only".
    Of course this is usually only on the mass produced stuff. I have seen it on a few of the custom sites, but those are very few.

    Anyway, great find and I hope you enjoy it!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    OK, Got home tonight opened the box and everything I expected +++!
    My first post on the forum a few weeks back was where can I get a holster for my new .44 Spec Night Guard. A lot of names came up including Little Bear. After checking they were one of the few that could make a holster for the 396 and I liked the Hybrid I saw on their web page. Made the call and got it on the schedule. Dave told me 2-3 weeks and I said to myself well maybe 5-6 weeks and that would be great. Just into the third week and here it is.

    Color, workmanship and quality are very good. Now this is coming from a guy that has always had holsters from the big "B" and the big "G" this being my first custom. But the feel of the leather and (this may sound stupid but here goes) the "personality" of this holster say "this one is mine!"
    I am not real good with a camera but here are some pics of the holster, speed clips from Blademan21 here on the forum (I got some speed strips from Tuff but they are not as nice as Blademan's product). The pouch is for the Tuff strips and is a wrap around the belt deal. It will carry 1 of the 6 round Tuff strips but I discovered it will hold two of Dave's 5 round clips with space in the bottom for 2 loose rounds. With the revolver charged it gives me 17 rounds of .44 Spec. 180's.
    The pics show what I will carry daily as I move away from my autos to what I believe to be the less complicated wheel gun.
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