Perfect Summer Shoulder Holster?

Perfect Summer Shoulder Holster?

This is a discussion on Perfect Summer Shoulder Holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Summer is here and it's getting hot. Those of us who do carpentry outside have a tough time finding a carry method that's out of ...

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Thread: Perfect Summer Shoulder Holster?

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    Perfect Summer Shoulder Holster?

    Summer is here and it's getting hot. Those of us who do carpentry outside have a tough time finding a carry method that's out of the way and protects the firearm from sweat and abuse. Thinking of one of these but with an ammo pouch on the offside so it will work under a shirt. What do you think? Does anyone know what order times run from Null?

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    Pretty sure it took less than ten days from the moment I put the money order in the mail to the time the holster arrived. That was two years ago, though. I suspect that working with polymer is much faster/easier than working with leather.
    I wish Null made an X-harness for the SMZ - but you can buy a harness from Galco if you like. I've worn a full-sized k-frame under a buttoned-up oxford with no problems. Very nice item.

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    Currently, it's taking about 7-10 days as I ordered one less than 2-months ago. It was the plastic version so maybe it depends on the style you want. He usually answers the phone so just give him a call in the morning. BTW: I've been dealing with Ken for several years, and he is good and trustworthy.

    Oh, one more thing... I ordered the SMZ although I'm not pleased with this design.
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    Good pic here of the SMZ
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    I got mine in less than a week, and that was about a month ago.

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    I'm not sure that a shoulder rig would be the very best carry location for doing outdoor carpentry work.

    A lightweight J-Frame revolver carried OWB located about halfway between the hip & the spine housed in a good leather holster that pulls the firearm in close would likely be much better.
    Then just cover up with an oversize, darker colored hi-quality cotton T-Shirt.
    Take care of the sweat problem by putting a coat of protective wax on the holster.

    If you're always wearing a carpenters tool pouch Hummm? - I'm not sure if the OWB belt location would interfere with that or not. You would need to try it.

    Possibly you could have one of those leather tool pouches specially and custom adapted to safely contain a lightweight firearm. Maybe by having a holster stitched into one of the accessory pockets.

    Nails, screws, pencil, chalk liner, tape measure, hammer, revolver, that would work.

    OR....have one of our custom holster makers make you a holster that looks like this (below) on the "outside" but have your "tool" (which would be your firearm) covered by a snap down flap so that nobody could see exactly what specific tool was inside. Have a pencil pouch put on one side and maybe a place to clip your tape measure onto the front. That would be extremely comfortable - the leather would protect the firearm from abuse and nobody would be the wiser.
    One of the custom holster makers would be willing to do it.
    Try HBE Holsters or UBG holsters or Rhome at Desbiens Leather....or Pure Kustom.
    One of them would probably want to tackle the project.

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