TT's Mike's Special IWB

TT's Mike's Special IWB

This is a discussion on TT's Mike's Special IWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Folks, I want to get some opinions and guidance on the above holster. I am already about 6 weeks into the que and am reconsidering ...

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Thread: TT's Mike's Special IWB

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    TT's Mike's Special IWB

    Folks, I want to get some opinions and guidance on the above holster. I am already about 6 weeks into the que and am reconsidering my choice for an OWB for a Sig 220 SAO Carry. Seeing Thumper's new UBG rig for his 220 has got my mind reeling. I made a few wardrobe changes recently and although the Sig is large, it is not too terribly thick and I might be able to go IWB on this. My dilemma is whether to go for the regular reinforced IWB or the Mike's Special - which I think is one of the best looking IWB rigs out there.

    I know folks here have posted about both. Why did you choose what you did or one over the other?
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    Bump. I am having the same dilemma.

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    I also have a TT IWB on order for that same weapon, I'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives. I like the look of that "Mike's Special" and may have to try that one someday!

    I have carried a P-220R Carry IWB in a Milt Sparks VM-II and now the UBG and I'm 5"11" 225lbs. For me it's not too big to conceal under a t-shirt. I have also carried a full sized P-220R, not any different, just an inch longer. OWB is more comfortable and can be concealed too but not as easily as a good IWB holster in my opinion. I also prefer a reinforced mouth on my IWBs though not all that necessary if you don't flatten your holster somehow.

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    Man, Thumper, that first rig looks amazing... great taste!

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    Yeah, really nice rig Thumper!

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    I had a TT IWB w/ reinforced mouth for my P7M8... It was actually Tim's very first attempt at a holster for that pistol, and it was absolutely excellent...

    It was only a -tad- bulkier than my MS VM-2, but absolutely concealable... Like previously stated, I prefer a reinforced mouth on my IWB's (back when I bought it, Tim didn't yet offer the slim-line or whatever the one w/out reinforcement is called), unless it adds considerable girth to the overall profile (which IMO, the TT does not add unreasonable thickness)...

    That said, I ended up selling that holster to a local guy, but not b/c it was lacking in any capacity - I just already have too many expensive holsters for that pistol, and this guy was new to CC'ing the P7M8, encountering all the trouble that I did when I was first looking fora quality IWB for the flat, butt-heavy, somewhat awkward P7-series...

    The VM-2 uses a thinner metal reinforcement, while the reinforced TT uses a plastic, or polymer reinforcement... TT also seems to have one extra layer of leather incorporated into his reinforcement design (IIRC), hence the slight increase in bulk...

    Bottom line, if being able to easily & quickly reholster 100% of the time is high on your priority list, go for the reinforced model... But I honestly think you'll be quite happy with either option. Tim makes a fine product - VERY well designed and well executed...


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