I cannot find my order e-mail to see how long it took but it did not take long I can tell you that much. Straight out of the box this thing is great. My Kel-Tec P-11 holsters with a positive "click" and is held in place but I do not have to pull with much force to draw it. The clips do fit over my 1 3/4" Original Instructor belt by Wilderness Tactical although I have a tough time with the rear clip due to the belt loop on one brand of shorts. I cannot draw the pistol with the grip I am used because of the leather that keeps the pistol off of my spare tire, but I can draw by placing my fingers on the grip and my thumb on the rear sight then sliding my hand to a full grip when the pistol clears the holster. Even when doing this I have not felt that the pistol would slip from my hand even a little bit. I think this holster will be even sweeter when it breaks in a little and the black dye wears to a fine age.