"Works well with customers."

"Works well with customers."

This is a discussion on "Works well with customers." within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Read a few post here and there about how someone was not happy with whoever they'd ordered custom holster from. Sometimes, the complaint was valid, ...

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Thread: "Works well with customers."

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    "Works well with customers."

    Read a few post here and there about how someone was not happy with whoever they'd ordered custom holster from. Sometimes, the complaint was valid, sometimes not.

    I've got a Laredo Defender and belt on order from Kevin at K&D Holsters. I knew when I placed the order that he has, as stated on his web site, a 6 to 8 week lead time before a holster can be completed and sent out.

    I probably set myself back a week or so, as I first ordered the holster, then went back and included a belt, then had doubts about the color I choose. After an email or two had been exchanged, I called Kevin and we talked about it, he was very helpful in helping me finally come to a decision.

    Today, I got a phone call from Kevin, telling my that my holster and belt should show up on my door step, this Friday. Taking everything above into consideration, I'd say that falls pretty much within the time frame originally given. Even had it taken a week or two longer, the time frame he gave was offered as a ballpark figure, not a guaranteed shipping date. So, I'd say he made good on it.

    THIS is what sets a good business apart from a not-so-good one! He never made any promise that he could not in good faith have kept, he worked with me in the decision-making process, and he responded to my inquiries along the way. When the job was done, he took it upon himself to call me, and let me know when to expect it.

    When my belt and holster get here, I'll be posting some pictures, as I'm certain it will be something to brag about!

    If whoever you go to for your holster doesn't do business like K&D does, then maybe you should give Kevin a try. He'll not let you down.

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    Look fwd to some pics Mike - and yes Kevin and all our esteemed holster craftsmen do make a point of staying touch which makes all the difference. Their time frame is usually a best estimate and amazing how well that is usually achieved.

    One thing I always remind folks who order custom leather - is to remember when they order, they ''join the queue''!!! It is always nice to dream of ''last in - first out'' but that ain't how it works, of course.!!
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    I couldn't agree more. I just got off the phone with Kevin, ordered an eagle defender for my Sig. He told me about 8 weeks for delivery. He had close to 200 holsters in front of mine, hence the reason for the 8 week turn around time. I'm ok with that since I have two holsters from him and know the quality will be great. If it takes 7 weeks, great! 9 weeks, no big deal. He did say "about".

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    After ordering a holster from a custom maker once(I will not mention names), and being disappointed due to the lack of communication and being put off more than once, I doubt I will ever order another custom hoster again.
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    I wished that some of the custom folks lived close to me. I have special needs (circumstances) that needs to be addressed. Thus, I can't really order a custom holster without me being there as a model so they can see what I need and what is going on.

    And I bet my last dollor that many if not all of the custom makers here would do it if I lived closer to them, just a feeling that I get from "listening" to them here and other places on the net.


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    sounds like it was in good time kevin is good people to deal with i have 2 other holsters on order from him

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    Thanks for the kind words, sir. Good customer service is essential for success of any company and satisfaction of the customer is the priority.


    I would hope that you would reconsider ordering from a custom holster maker, though I've often heard of other folks expressing your same comments. I even had one customer tell me that if he realized I was a one-person shop, he would never have ordered from me initially because of a previous experience. He's since ordered more than one holster from me.

    Too many times the holster makers do not realize how their inept actions affect others in the business. There definitely are some who need to rethink the definition of customer service, even in basic terms. They're quickly identifiable - offer every excuse imagineable, run waaay past delivery times, etc. But as the old saying goes, "actions speak louder than words," is what separates the successful holster maker from the less successful.


    If you ever want to give it a try, I'd be willing to see if I can help. I'd venture a guess and say that most of the holster makers who frequent here would be willing to help you. Why don't you try contacting your favorite and see what they say.

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    I for one don't mind so much, the long wait. Most folks here have several carry weapons and holsters. It's not like going without. As long as I am happy with the finished product. That is what is most important to me. Don't rush perfection.
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    I'm not saying anything cause I don't wanna ruin the suprise, but I have a little something comming in the mail from Kevin as well. Should be here by the end of this week he said. I had Kevin make me a holster for my SP101 and liked it so much I held out and waited for quite some time for Kevin to be able to make this set up for me.
    When I recieve it there will be many pics

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