Hi Folks,

I'm looking to get one of Gary's Max-Con V's for a Kimber Compact CDP II. I purchased one of these holsters from him several years ago for another gun and absolutely love it.

At that time I did have to wait a while for delivery, but it was not overly excessive for a custom made holster.

I was not aware of the problems Gary was having with obtaining leather, and excessive turn around times etc.,
until I got on the net this a.m. looking for a holster and came upon some posts on this site and others, that had mentioned that.

Most of the posts I've seen regarding this seem to have been a while ago, so I was wondering if anyone knows his current situation, and if he's got cought up on his orders.

I like his product and want another, but obviously not an excessive wait.

I checked with Coal Creek Armory but they don't carry one for my Kimber.

Appreciate any input you might have.