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This is a discussion on Holster for storage within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Stainless Steel & Electroless Nickel & Hard Chrome plated firearms can safely be stored long term in leather....

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Thread: Holster for storage

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    Stainless Steel & Electroless Nickel & Hard Chrome plated firearms can safely be stored long term in leather.

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    I made a simple "sheath" for a guy who wanted something to keep his trigger covered while his gun rode in his car console. Reckon you could do similar for a bedside gun. Otherwise, any ol' holster should do.

    Yes, leather can be hard on some finishes, but if you actually take the gun out every once in a while, use the gun, and/or clean/wipe down the gun, you should have nothing to worry about. I've never personally experienced holster-induced rust/corrosion.

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    This idea may work, probably would be better rigged on your own with a Blackhawk Serpa.
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    I use a mattress holster clip... a cheap nylon holster does the job just fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    I've seen guns ruined by storing them in leather for long periods of time.
    I was thinking the same thing. I'd put it in a Kydex holster overnight. As I understand it, leather can retain moisture and end up rusting the gun if it's kept in it all the time. Best to give it a rest from leather every day IMO.
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    XD .45 Compact stays in an unzipped pistol rug in my nightstand top drawer. No need for a night holster.

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    Ok.. Let's think about this,.. If your carrying your weapon daily,. You should be firing it at least once every couple of weeks for practice drawing and shooting??? Then you will be cleaning it at least once every couple of weeks??? And getting fresh oil will still bring in moisture to ruin a weapon??? I don't get that,. I've kept one revolver I own in a leather holster and it was passed down from my dad to me and he kept it in the holster too,. It is still in excellent condition after 40 plus years??? I would say if it is getting ruined it is not being cared for like it should.. Just IMO....

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    True, but not everyone does that. I've seen pistols messed up pretty bad from being left in leather holsters. (rust and mold) I've also seen long-guns and pistols stored in zip-up and hard cases that rusted and molded from moisture trapped inside.

    Personally, I keep my carry gun in its leather holster all the time, but it's stainless and titanium and regularly used and cleaned. I would not do it with a blued gun.

    The only blued gun I store in a holster is my SIG, but it's in a Uncle Mike's Kydex retention holster, which allows air to move through it. I have not had any problems with keeping it in there, and it often sits in the safe for months at a time without taking it out or cleaning it. So IMO, Kydex is probably the way to go if there is any chance that it may remain in the holster for any considerable period of time without maintainence.
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