Postal Money Orders for holster order

This is a discussion on Postal Money Orders for holster order within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been ripped off by two well-known custom makers. Months turned to a year and I just plain gave up. Someone told me to ...

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Thread: Postal Money Orders for holster order

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    Postal Money Orders for holster order

    I have been ripped off by two well-known custom makers. Months turned to a year and I just plain gave up.

    Someone told me to pay by US Postal Money Order. He said the inspectors will chase a business who cashes the money order but does not deliver.

    Any truth to this?

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    If that has been your experience thus far, why not just refuse to pay up-front with a check till the order is ready to be made or completed? Better yet, use a credit card.

    A credit card gives you leverage in that you have up to 60 days to dispute a charge if the merchant does not fulfill their obligation to you. Make an agreement with the maker that the card will not be charged till at the very least the holster is ready to be cut for production. Then hold their feet to the fire and make them abide by that agreement. Make it clear that you will only give them 30 days (which is more than enough time to complete an order) beyond the time the card is actually charged and item shipped. If not shipped, then you should demand that your card be credited back the amount you were charged until the item "is" ready to be shipped. Hold your ground as some of these guys/gals will surely try to BS you, file a card dispute if necessary and take your business elsewhere. Remember, 60 days is the limit in most cases for disputing a charge on your card. After that, you are at their mercy.

    Unscrupulous businesses that take your money and don't fulfill their obligations are destined to fail eventually. You can help accelerate that process by denying them the income they need to continue on. You'd be doing yourself and everybody else a favor.

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    Are these well known holster makes a member of this board? I would call them out on it. Yes, the postal police have a more free time that local LEO's so they get excitied for a little action. I was taught years ago in a skip tracing class that the simple act of mailing a letter to the company in question they you could contact the postal police for help. PM me the info that you have on the two holster makers and I will see what I can do.

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    I doubt that they are members here. They might be inactive/defunct or former DC forum members. That's always a possibility. Certainly not any of our sponsors.
    The moderators would have heard something.

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    If you don't mind me asking, how did you pay???

    I agree w/ T. Kanaley, refuse to pay up front... or use a card.
    The card gives you a paper trail to use against the maker.... though the window is brief.

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    I seriouslly doubt the Postal Inspectors would get too excited about this unless that amount was sky high!! Your better off contacting the local better business bureau and the State Dept of Consumer Affairs and see what they hav say about the matter. If enough people have complained the State could open up an investigation but the Feds (Sorry, Post Office is no longer Fed but private) have bigger fish to fry with what little manpower they have.

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    I got screwed too by a holster maker that posted here. But, I used Paypal, and unfortunately did not file a complaint within their alloted 40 days, so I lost my $$ and never saw a holster, or got a refund,an apology or so much as a get lost from the guy. Just never heard from him AT ALL. Complaining to the BBB was a WASTE of time. Since that time I NEVER PAY in advance and ONLY use a credit card, if the time quoted is not met, I demand the order be canceled and a refund issued. If they can't do that, then I don't need their holster. I'm done being worked over for a simple holster.

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    I'll never do business with either maker again. The first was/is notorious, the second - I've not seen any complaints on this board. I was thinking of protecting myself in the future. Sparks, by the way, has always been a pleasure to do business with!

    I paid by check up front. I always assumed those in this business would be straight shooters, pardon the pun.

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    If I was SURE there were no reasonable excuses for the theft of funds I sure as heck wouldn't be bashful about naming names to keep others from being ripped off.

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    I've only done business with Milt Sparks and UBG--both have been ethical in their business practices and I can say nothing but praise for the way they have treated me as a customer!
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