I know you already sent for a holster, but if you don't like it, or if someone else is reading this thread looking for info...

I carry a Smith 649 revolver. And, unfortunately, I am not a petite woman.

I have range of motion issues with my arms, and must carry appendix to about 2:30.

I use two holsters. Both by Eric Larson of HBE Leatherworks. He also made my belt.

I use his pancake OWB when I go walking my dog. I go to one park where it's pretty good hike... lots of up and down hills. I normally carry at about 1:30-2 o'clock and the IWB one pokes me when walking uphill. It's a challenge though using the OWB one. I am very short. So I have to find a long shirt to make sure the end of the muzzle and holster stay covered... and it's hard to find long shirts for summer.

The latest one I have is my favorite. It's IWB, with clip. I can just slip it on and off, but it's not all that easy - it fits very tight, over jeans and his thick belt. I wish though, I had it with a bit more cant, as I find I need to twist it a bit to get the grip to sit just right above my jeans. This is his "Pro" model.

It's concealed my 649 very, very well.... (I need to figure out how to link to photos here!)

H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks