Blue Jeans With Deep Pockets.........

Blue Jeans With Deep Pockets.........

This is a discussion on Blue Jeans With Deep Pockets......... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my continuing quest for finding the ultimate pocket holster and the ultimate blue jeans, I have come to the realization that there are many ...

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Thread: Blue Jeans With Deep Pockets.........

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    Blue Jeans With Deep Pockets.........

    In my continuing quest for finding the ultimate pocket holster and the ultimate blue jeans, I have come to the realization that there are many jeans in which the pockets (especially front pockets) are just not deep enough to conceal even the smallest of pistols or if they are deep enough, they are made too tight.

    In this thread, I will only be discussing jeans as holsters themselves are a personal choice. Cargo pants will also be left out as many people just don't wear them.

    Knowing that most CCW holders who partake in pocket carry do so with Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, KT P32, S&W 642/442 sized guns as I myself also do, I have tried on MANY different brands of jeans to determine fit and pocket depth. I have left out the Kahr PM9 on purpose as it is just a tad too big and too heavy for front pocket carry.

    This discussion also is based upon an average sized male (me), with an average sized waist ( 5' 8 & 190lbs - 34" waist) as obviously when you get into larger size pants, you get larger pockets, so that kind of defeats the purpose of the study and I would look pretty goofy trying on a size 40 jean

    In my opinion, "Regular fit" jeans just do not work for any type of CCW carry as they are just straight cut legs with no give in either the crotch or the seat. Even if you can get the weapon into the pocket, as soon as you bend down, you either jab yourself or the gun prints. And forget about trying to draw from the pocket.

    I have found that "Relaxed Fit" jeans offer the best all around wear. Not too loose so that you look like a street thug and not too tight so that you look like a disco era dude.

    Lee Jeans - The older style of Lee relaxed fit were not too bad for CCW. They fit well and the pockets were "just deep enough. A P32/P3AT would easily conceal. Recently however, Lee jeans decided to fully restyle their product line and the relaxed fit became a "semi-relaxed" fit and you are lucky if you can even get your hand in the front pocket, nevermind try and draw a weapon from it.

    Wrangler Jeans - Wrangler relaxed fit are a bit of an odd duck. The jeans fit well, the pocket depth is also "just deep enough", but the front pockets are cut with a deep "U" type pattern at the top, thus exposing the very tip of the gun butt especially in a 642 or P3AT sized gun. Wrangler rear pockets are also too shallow for anything larger than a P32.

    Gap Jeans - Fit well but are styled for younger guys and pockets are way too shallow for our needs.

    Lucky Brand Jeans - Again, fit well, but styled for the younger crowd and with that comes less material.

    Levis Jeans - 550 series. Well fitting jeans and the front pockets are fairly deep. The upper rear corner of the front pockets do however come farther back than most brands which in turn pulls the pocket tighter. Great for fit, not so great for CCW.

    Carhartt Jeans - Relaxed fit is too relaxed for some and regular fit may be a tad too tight for CCW purpose depending on body shape. Carhartt jeans do offer great pocket depth. If they fit you, these are just fine.

    *** Gander Mountain Jeans - Gander Mtn has recently changed over from "Guide Series" to their own brand named jeans. They are made in Mexico and I had never given them a second thought until recently. I tried the relaxed fit on and was actually pleasantly surprised. They fit well, AND they front pockets are HUGE. I'm talking easily fit a 442, PM9 (if you wish), swallow a P3AT, etc. The back pockets are also deep enough to conceal most small pistols. The best part is that they are always running 2 for 1 sales. Regular price is $30, so 2 for 1 is just $15 each

    There are still plenty of jeans I have not tried out, and some I have tried and forgotten how they fit, and yes, I would prefer to wear USA made, but we all know how that goes.

    As far as I am concerned, for my needs and like sized people, you just can't go wrong with the new line of Gander Mtn. jeans. Are they a jean you could wear with a sport coat? Hell no, but for everyday, knock around jeans, they get my vote and I have been playing the CCW game for over 20 years.

    Please feel free to add any other brand you have tried or use and even comment on ones I have talked about. Keep in mind that this discussion is strictly about pocket carry in jeans, not Dockers, not dress pants, not cargo pants, not shorts, and not IWB.

    Think I have too much time on my hands?

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    Check out Duluth Trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jh225 View Post
    In my continuing quest for finding the ultimate pocket holster and the ultimate blue jeans, I have come to the realization that there are many jeans in which the pockets (especially front pockets) are just not deep enough to conceal even the smallest of pistols or if they are deep enough, they are made too tight....

    ...Think I have too much time on my hands?
    Yup, pretty much!
    But then, I'm in my sixth decade and if the fit...I buy 'em.

    If I can fit a KelTec in the pocket or my Kimber inside the waistband...they're perfect.
    The last Blood Moon Tetrad for this millennium starts in April 2014 and ends in September 2015...according to NASA.

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    If you're dedicated to pocket carry, find a good tailor who can fit your pocket to your holster. I wear GAP jeans that have a right front pocket to fit my 442's Kramer holster. Cost is $7.00 a pocket, which I think is a fair price.
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    As a custom holster maker, this topic is near and dear to my heart.
    As a new LEO in 1976 I built my first J Frame pocket holster and many many pocket holsters for various pistols since.

    I've always held that pocket carry is all about the right sized pockets and cut of your trousers. I explain that to new customers considering pocket carry for the first time. Once in awhile, I refund their money because the holster doesn't fit their pocket. I grin, bear it, and refund their money.

    I recently built a pocket holster for a customers Glock 19 with an under barrel laser sight. He must have some good sized pockets.
    I still pocket carry a Kahr PM45 or a S&W J Frame on a daily basis.

    Relaxed fit Levis, Wranglers, and pleated dockers work best for me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by randyc74 View Post
    I recently built a pocket holster for a customers Glock 19 with an under barrel laser sight. He must have some good sized pockets.
    Must be Andre the Giants cousin.

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    They're not jeans, but the front pockets on Woolrich Elite tactical pants easily accommodate my Kahr PM40.

    (but the REAR pockets work even BETTER)

    I've heard that Cabela's 7-pocket hiking shorts (and pants) have roomy front pockets.

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    One reason that I wear khakis instead of jeans is the tight fit of jeans. They seem to be made for the 6' 140 lb man with skinny legs and no rear. So I find khaki pants much more comfortable.

    I appreciate the reports, and will remember if I ever decide to get some jeans other than work jeans which I do have.


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    Levi 550's

    I'm 5'8" and about 130. I wear a 32waist and my LCP in a desantis nemisis is fine in the pockets of my Levi 550's. I don't like them baggy either but, I do like them comfortably loose if you get my drift. I haven't found it to even be a problem with my classic fit 505's that I have. I do however pinch up some extra fabric over the pocket when I sit, especially in the car even though it just looks like a wallet in my pocket. I have carried my wallet in my front pocket from time to time and so maybe I'm just used to it... Just my two Cents for what it's worth...

    I feel kind of funny talking about cloths I think I'll go do something manly now like trim my toenails with my pocket knife

    Stay Safe...
    "The way I figure it having a concealed gun is like wearing your seat belt. You hope that you never need it but, the one time you don't wear it and something happens you or your mourning family will be sorry you didn't have it."

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    The company Dickies makes Blue jeans that very comfortable. Also Modells sporting goods (East coast thing) sells a company called Smiths also comfortable. Never tried pocket Carry with my Glock 26 but now I will have to try it out.

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    LLBean Relaxed Fit.

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    Wally World had "Rustler" jeans in relaxed fit that have nice deep pockets that fit my 642-2 in its Safariland holster just right! And, they're only 10 to 12 bucks!

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    I often carry a S&W 442 in an Uncle Mikes pocket holster in jeans pocket.
    S&W 442, Bersa 380, S&W 9mm M&P, Springfield XD40c
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    more jeans

    Tractor Supply stores have a house brand, Schmidt Workware. The front pockets barely accomodate a 642 in a Mika. The Levi Signature line with relaxed fit does a good job.

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    Diamond Gusset Jeans are truly wonderful, with the diamond-shaped gusset in the crotch being the key to comfort and freedom of movement. I finally wore out the one pair I had, and will order another pair soon, when my Amex card enters its next month's billing cycle. I could carry an SP101 in the front pocket, and if using an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, it would disappear. A J-snub would REALLY disappear. I hope they haven't changed the pockets since my original pair several years ago! I don't have a link, but a google of "diamond gusset" should work. Importantly, Diamond Gusset jeans are made in the USA, of US-grown cotton. I WILL pay a bit more for that.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the new Gander Mountain jeans; I may check them out, as a quick solution for a cheap pair of jeans. Made in Mexico is OK with me, as I do believe in supporting their economy, too.

    FWIW, I am more of a BDU and cargo pants type of guy lately, usually using jeans for slightly dressier occasions. For that, I still use some denim Wrangler Riatas or older relaxed-fit cowboy cut, and I just don't pocket carry much when "dressed up," though the Riatas certainly can accommodate an SP101, even in the bulkier Kramer pocket holster. I should note that Riatas have changed a bit, and the newer ones may or may not have the same pockets as the older ones. I have not seen denim Riatas in quite a while. (I wear a uniform on the job.)
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