Kholster Holster Review

Kholster Holster Review

This is a discussion on Kholster Holster Review within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last Sunday I purchased a new Kholster Holster, I had read about these several places in the past and decided that the time to take ...

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Thread: Kholster Holster Review

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    Kholster Holster Review

    Last Sunday I purchased a new Kholster Holster, I had read about these several places in the past and decided that the time to take the plunge had come. I wanted to get it for my S&W Sigma Since it is the gun I have decided to try and carry for the Summer months. The 1911's I usually carry are a lot of additional work since I sweat like Miss Piggy in the summer. I ordered mine on Sunday and recieved it on Wensday.

    I selected the "Full Moon" version. Basically its a hybrid leather and Kydex Holster. the Leather is a basic 8" circle with a bunch of holes to allow you to adjust it to the cant and depth you prefer. Their are also two other versions that you can select from. The "Cresent Moon" and the Compact version. Kholster allows you to cut down the leather area to your personal taste without voiding the warrenty. I cut off some, but decided to leave some extra and may custom fit it more later.

    So far it has been very comfortable to wear. Kholster recommends allowing it to "break in" but drawing your pistol in and out of the holster and allowing it to mold to the gun. I did adjust the clips from where they were when delivered as it had the kydex well below the waist band of my pants and the waist band flapped over the top of the Kydex. So far it seems about right. Once i get it broke in a little more I think it will be better.

    The warrenty is really good. First they offer a 90 day, No BS warrenty if your don't like it send it back, they will replace it or refund your money. You only pay the return shipping. Next they have a Limited Lifetime Warrenty that cover, materials and worksmanship. Again if it breaks send it in and they will fix or replace it.

    This is mine before I did some trimming on it.

    Here it is after; Like I said I may do a little more trimming, but I'm happy with it for now.

    The web site for Kholster is:
    Kholster Holster
    E-mail :
    Phone: 1-877-kholster

    Cost is only $45.00
    Kansas Concealed Carry Website

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    I had one for my S&W 5096. Worked fine for a while but after using it every day for a year it started to show some really bad wear on the leather from the take down lever rubbing it. This lead to very poor retention. I did my own combat grip cut out and the leather they used was really easy to work with in that respect. Good bang for the buck holster but doesn't hold up over time in my experience, hope yours works out better.


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    I bougt the cresent moon for my Kelt-Tec PF-9. Compared to other hybred holsters it is the least expensive. It works very well and concealment is excellent. It also holds my Colt Defender so versatility is a plus. I got this holster to see if I would like IWB carry before spending the money for a crossbreed.

    I would definitley recomend this as a good IWB to start with for the money.
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    I just purchased one, I have had it just under 2 weeks. Only worn it around the house with my gun holstered but outside sans gun (still waiting on permit in the mail). After setting the cant and height I trimmed the leather and it fits very well, only thing I am dealing with now is the Kydex part is not super duper snug. I can't shake my gun out no matter how hard I try but I can rotate my gun (not vertically but horizontally away from my waist) while it is holstered.

    I will use the instructions they gave on adjusting fit with the Kydex and see what improvement if any I can get. I hope I don't have to send it back because of excess Kydex material making it difficult to get a nice snug fit without total deformation of the holster. I will post before and after pics once I get this all figured out.
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    I have a supertuck whick looks to be basiclly the same thing but has way less adjustments. Should be no reason you cant get that comfortable. If the leather is the same it will take a little breaking in. Nice looking pistol too. Congrats.

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    I received mine for my MK9 last week. I haven't worn it much yet, but I think once I cut it down a little bit it will be very comfortable.

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    Way too much leather for me...not a reflection of my taste in holsters.
    Good luck with it...fortunately, we all like different 'stuff'.
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    I have one for my XD and love it. I don't wear mine every day (only when I want to tuck) but for that purpose mine has served me admirably over the last year or so.
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