Supertuck Break-in Period

Supertuck Break-in Period

This is a discussion on Supertuck Break-in Period within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Newbie question. New to forum and new to CCW. I am in the real estate business and I spend 75% of my day in my ...

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Thread: Supertuck Break-in Period

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    Supertuck Break-in Period

    Newbie question. New to forum and new to CCW.

    I am in the real estate business and I spend 75% of my day in my car showing houses. In and out constantly. I drive a car with sport seats that have those "wings" where your kidneys are (can't think of what they are called).

    Anyway, bought the Supertuck (came in 1 week instead of the 3 they quoted!). Carry my Glock 27 at 3:00. I have worn it now 2 full business days (8 hours each day). I really love the company, the design and want to make this holster work.

    I find I am constantly fussing with it for the first couple hours and it is very uncomfortable that I almost want to take it off. Both the leather edges dig into me as I sit and then I find the pressure pushes on my hip bone where my leg feels sore. For reference, I am 175lbs, 5'9". Not muscular around the middle, but no big tire.

    How long did it take for you to break in your SuperTuck? The company says try it for 2 weeks before you return it. I don't want to send it back, but I hate to spend $75+ on a drawer holster!


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    Mine took about 3 days to get really comfortable, and that was with the thicker, stiffer horsehide model.

    Do you have a good thick belt, like a 1.5" Beltman? They make all the difference.

    You may also have to try adjusting the cant and depth a bit more. It sounds like you are letting the pistol poke you and by adjusting a little, you can make this go away. Try moving it to 4 or even 5 o'clock. I cannot wear my P239 at 3 o'clock.

    You may also need to invest in some slightly bigger pants. I've found that the Supertuck really only works with my slightly looser pants. Your average jeans, forget it.

    BTW, "wings where your kidneys are" = Bolsters
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    Mine took about a week. It continues to get better though. I wear mine closer to 4 or 4:30. A little further back than you. You might want to try it a little further back. Adjust the cant some to. Just play with it. I drove back for vacation and was in the drivers seat 11 hours with no problem. I did know it was there but it wasnt painful. It may be hard with your "sport seats" Mine wrap around but i wouldnt consider them sport seats.

    p.s. welcome to the forum!

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    Try putting the front clip in a higher hole than the back clip, if you put the holster on your side ,without the weapon or clothes on you can see where it'll fit right on your body. Mine was comfortable from the get go once I found the sweet spot right after i got it. It's only gotten more comfortable since them. Experiment until you get it right, I've had mine for a couple weeks and find it extremely comfortable. Good luck.

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    No other suggestions on the supertuck. If you wear a suit or sportscoat, you may want to consider a shoulder holster and keep the supertuck for more casual wear.
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    You might consider a smartcarry for the days you will be spending a lot of time in the car.

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    Mine took about a week or so, mostly because I kept trying different carry positions before I found 4 O'clock.
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    from Central Florida!

    You may have to move that holster around a bit to find that 'right spot'.
    You may also have to buy another holster, most of us have holster boxes.... Eventually you will find that holster that works for you and you won't even know you're wearing it.

    Stay armed...keep experimenting...stay safe!

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    A couple of weeks for me too. It took some getting used to. I switched from 3:00 to 4:00. It made a big difference in terms of comfort.

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    Try moving the holster back to about 4:00 or 4:30. That will fix the problem with it poking you in the side and putting pressure on your leg.
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    I'd say give it the two weeks. Mine shaped to my form very well over that time. Don't even feel it there most of the time. Crossbreed is pretty good on their warranty, so send it back if you still can't make it work.
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    Pretty much what most others are saying. I tried 3:00 but it was uncomfortable on my leg. Placed the holster at about 4-4:30 and life was good. When I sit in the car I normally unholster or I am heading somewhere that I cannot carry anyhow so I have to leave it at home. And if you need a good belt I have a 37" long 1 3/4" wide Wilderness Tactical Original Instuctor's I need to get rid of.
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    The stiffer cowhide definitely took me solid two weeks to get properly broken in. I have several in cowhide .. I think I might actually go back to horsehide the next time around though as there was zero breakin on the model I have in that!

    As others have stated, I can't personally carry at 3:00, try sliding it back to say 4:30 - 5:00 and don't assume the clip needs to be in the same holes front & rear. I like the forward most hole to be in the second from the bottom hole and the rear in the bottom hole for my G27.

    Give it some time, great holster and company!
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    I'm on day 4 with my new supertuck....after day 3 and working outside in the heat for a few hours it had conformed to my hip. I wear it at 4 o'clock and it now feels great. I'm fighting condensation on my gun though so I'm going to try some oil to waterproof it. Hopefully it was just the humidity causing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCT View Post
    The stiffer cowhide definitely took me solid two weeks to get properly broken in. I have several in cowhide .. I think I might actually go back to horsehide the next time around though as there was zero breakin on the model I have in that!
    Thats funny, when i spoke to Mark over the phone he said that the horsehide, being a denser material is stiffer than the cowhide???

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