Do any of you guys use Wilderness belts.

Do any of you guys use Wilderness belts.

This is a discussion on Do any of you guys use Wilderness belts. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been useing a Wilderness 5 stitch for about 2 years now and still have to say that it is an awesum belt.The velcro ...

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    Do any of you guys use Wilderness belts.

    I have been useing a Wilderness 5 stitch for about 2 years now and still have to say that it is an awesum belt.The velcro is starting to leave but thats an easy fix.So who out there wears these belts?If not what do you use.Thanks in advance
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    Ive hung a 1911 off of my Wilderness belt for a couple of years now. It aint pretty but it its functional.
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    No Wilderness here but what I use is a ''made in Texas'' belt - no maker's name but one I get from one of my fairly local gun shops.

    It's marked ''cowhide/cowhid lined'' and has a fabric camo exterior. Not quite as thick as some - probably 3/16", and 1 1/4" width. I have one nice 1 1/2" all leather belt I can use sometimes but not all my pant belt loops will take that width.

    Tho the belt I describe is not top of range it does me very well, having good resistance to sideways stretch - and what it does aquire becomes self limiting. Security is the name of the game plus keeping the rig as wanted - it does that.

    Final test - does it work for me - yep!
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    I have, and wear, a black Wilderness 5-stitch. Great belt; comfortable, durable and still looks new after a couple of years.....
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    I have a couple: a three-stitch and a CSM. The CSM is too stiff to use with my favorite mag/flashlight holder, it's about impossible to thread through the slots and belt loops. As a result, it doesn't see as much action. The three-stitch is plenty stiff enough to carry the load, but is flexible enough to work with any holster or pouch I have.


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    I normally wear one of my own Combat Dress Belts. However, I do have a Wilderness 5 Stitch (1.5") that I wear when doing grunt work (so I don't scuff up my leather belt).
    I have found that the Wilderness is superb in terms of properly supporting the firearm and spare mag, and is pretty comfortable. I have found, however, that the square edges of the webbing aren't quite as comfortable as the rounded edges of a good leather belt for long term wear. (the square edge sometimes starts to rub a hot spot on my hip bones). Overall, the Wilderness Instructor's Belt is an excellent low cost alternative to a leather gunbelt.

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    Its the only gun belt I need.!!
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    Wearing one right now.
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    I have a 5 stitch frequent flyer that I wear daily, good support for the gun and comfortable.

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    I use the 1.5" 5stitch for daily wear and the 1.75" 5stitch for hunting which has a S&W 629, Filson double tin chaps, etc. hanging off it. They are great! My only complaint is they need to make some with lower profile buckles. When I pull my cover garments to draw they often hang up on the burly buckle. I will eventually have some custom leather belts made up also.

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    I've had one for a couple of years, and I wear it when I can be informal ( and have black shoes on, of course!) Good CCW belt for the price, but gary is right about the sharp edges..

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    I have one in the wide size (1.75")but I hardly ever wear it because it's very uncomfortable for those guys like me who suffer from a severe case of the DUNLAP condition where my gut has Done Lapped over my belt buckle. Very painful IMHO. You know the origin of these belts? They used to be available only to USAF crewmen for C130 and larger aircraft. Then the Special Forces operators got wise and started using them too. They're nothing more than A7 cargo straps used to tie gear to the floor of the aircraft. So whatever you pay at Wilderness, figure that the original A7 was to be had for .....nothing? Maybe the cost of some beers to the crew at a layover.
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    I don't use a Wilderness belt, but I have a competitor's belt....Spectre Gear. It's a nice belt; it holds whatever gun, mag pouch, flashlight, etc. up with no problems.
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    Yep. I have a black 5 stitch I use for shooting games and occasional casual wear. I also have a kakhi colored Wilderness belt with the more casual ring belt buckle. Both are great belts.

    I am also using a Liger belt now for a bit more dressy stuff -- and I like it a whole lot too.
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    I've got a black 5-stitch that I often use.

    Duane, any chance you can give us some thoughts on the relative merits of the Wilderness and the Ligers?

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