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Good 1.5 inch gun belt???

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Thread: Good 1.5 inch gun belt???

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    +1 on the Instructor 5 stitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by houdini View Post
    511 tatacal belt it is not a lot of money.
    I too have the 511 Tactical belt. I think it was $32 and it does a good job of supporting my Glock 27.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    A good gun belt is definitely a must for secure, comfortable carry. Personally, I like the Wilderness Instructor Belt.
    Me too. Works for me.
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    I have a Beltman and Wilderness instructors belt. I wear the Beltman amost all the time and the Instructors belt when I play in the mud. Beltman is a great belt. Others are good also, but I've never been the least sorry in choosing the Beltman. It is a great belt.
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    Hey Guys, I just won a belt from Little Bear Holsters. Actually, I won a $40 pocket holster but I really need a good gun belt. I had Dave Galloway order me a SHARK SKIN 1.5" belt instead and paid the small amount difference.
    Remember Little Bear Holsters and Dave Galloway supports this website.

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    Recently I purchased a Wilderness CSM (Combat Shooter's Model) which has a polymer insert for extra stiffness. If your CCW is kind of heavy (such as an all steel 1911) this belt is just the ticket. Thought the extra stiffness might be irritating but it has not turned out that way at all - comfortable belt.
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    Want quality and economy?

    I have several Wilderness Instructor belts, and they are good solid gun belts.
    I have also found these (Looper Leather belts) that are just as good for a gun belt. I have four of these and a couple of them for over two years...still as good as the day I got them. I paid $30 back they are $40...still a deal for a grea belt.

    Looper Reinforced Holster Belt
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    I may be easily swayed by advertising but I swear by a Kramer double thick in horsehide. Best gun belt I've ever owned. However I would feel just as comfortable with any high quality leather maker in other materials as long as it was double thick. I guess I'm just a traditionalist though as I haven't gotten on the kydex kick or wilderness belt as so many others have. not that there is anything wrong with those products. I just prefer leather.

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    Wilderness Instructor Belt but the velco does wear out

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    Another for Beltman here. I have a black horse hide. Get the 7 hole as well. It really does make a huge difference.

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