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J Frame IWB Holster Suggestions?

This is a discussion on J Frame IWB Holster Suggestions? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by GoISU Hey all- Newbie question, and yes I tried the search function. I have a snubbie S&W 442 I would like to ...

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Thread: J Frame IWB Holster Suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoISU View Post
    Hey all-

    Newbie question, and yes I tried the search function. I have a snubbie S&W 442 I would like to carry more comfortably IWB. I have a pocket holster from Uncle Mike's that works fine but I would like another option. I also have a generic suede IWB holster I got at the uniform store, I have had a baby Glock in it and my snubbie (not at the same time ) and it gets the job done but is fairly uncomfortable. I found that the grip dug into my, ahemm, couple extra pounds. I think a IWB holster with some kind of paddle behind the grip would be more comfortable, maybe leather. Anyone seen anything like this? I am looking for comfort, I really don't care if it's pretty.

    Thanks in advance, and great forum!!
    Take a look at the High Noon Closing Argument.
    Closing Argument

    It has a sweat shield and is tuckable. They also make non tuckable Public Secret that is a stocking item.
    Public Secret w/clip

    My Split Decision arrived in less than a week!
    The stocking items are very reasonably priced. The custom ones cost more. You would have to check the main web page to see what current deliverys are.

    High Noon Holsters

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    We love our Tucker Silent Thunder holsters.
    Kydex Holsters | Tucker Gun Leather & Kydex Holsters
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    Clipdraw.com-tshirt and shorts etc

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    I just ordered an AKJ/Concealco ambidextrous IWB for my j-frame (actually a Taurus 650). It can be ordered with a sweat shield, but then it is no longer ambidextrous. It is priced very reasonably for a custom leather holster.
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    Thanks all!

    I have a few links to wade through here...

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    This High Noon Alter Ego looks perfect!! Thanks everyone for your help! Great Forum!

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    I'm glad you found something you can comfortably carry. I carry a Galco Royal Guard for my S&W 649. A good quality leather belt made all the difference.

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    GoISU; I'd be carefull about that high noon. I've used that "type' (not the exact one) and found that the reinforced lip + the cylinder buldge makes for a suprisingly thick package considering you're only carrying a J frame. Also, even with a J frame the single clips can let the package "rock" or the clip can scratch your belt, especially if you have a thicker true gun belt.

    After filling more holster boxes than I want my wife to ever know about I keep coming back to a tried and true fundamental; when carrying anything IWB I always have two loops on either side of the gun and with revolvers I NEVER get a reinforced mouth. One handed reholstering isn't necessary for the typical civilian CCW. We aren't going to be cuffing anyone. One clip holsters look/seem so convenient but at the end of the day they just are'nt as stable as a two point set up with one loop on each side of the gun.

    I would recommend HBE, UBG, and one I use currently for all of my revolvers is the AJ Concealco. It's a good value. If you have the money then the HBE is probably the best out there for the money in my humble opinion.

    I've had everything from Uncle Mike's to Galco's, to Don Hume and more than my share of FIST but after all that, I'd recommend you spend the good money on a quality holster. It'll last nearly forever, it'll function better and just be a good all round investment.

    Just one guy's opinion for what it's worth.

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    I've been using a Tucker J-frame "Cover Up" for years and couldn't be happier with it. The belt clip is adjustable so you can set the cant you like, but for me I like the adjustability because I can set it to keep the clip off the cylinder area to minimize the width.

    Cover Up - J-Frame
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    I've got an S&W Model 60, a J-Frame but not an airweight, with a 3" barrel. I recently ordered a silver dollar pancake holster from Simply Rugged in Alaska that was customized for this specific gun model. It's a molded leather "sandwich" holster that does a nice job of blurring the gun's outlines. Worn IWB, with a light coverup shirt, the gun when holstered in this holster is either invisible or is an anonymous small bump that could as easily be a cell phone or Ipod. I got it a couple of weeks ago, and have used it OWB, IWB, and attached to various non-belt things as well.

    BTW, I also got it about ten days after ordering it, although I gather I got lucky and he had one already made lying around. :-) But this outfit is easy/good to deal with.

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