Anyone Using A Shoulder Holster?

Anyone Using A Shoulder Holster?

This is a discussion on Anyone Using A Shoulder Holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had a chance to buy a brand new shoulder holster for a good price on another forum and wanted to see if anyone has ...

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    Anyone Using A Shoulder Holster?

    I had a chance to buy a brand new shoulder holster for a good price on another forum and wanted to see if anyone has used one?

    It's for my Sig P239 and what I'm specifically wondering is: can I realistically wear it under a fleece or other such top like that in the winter time?

    The model is a High Noon Under Taker.
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    My answer would be YES..

    Provided the cover garment is large enough not to print. With tie down straps (I do not like them) your pistol will not flop around as much as without. I do not like them since they seem to put more pressure on my shoulders.

    Remember that patterns on cover garment conceal better than solids (esp. with dark colors).

    Speed of draw will be compromised in winter since adding layers over your primary cover garment will make things more difficult.

    Try it under a few shirts and I am sure you will find a few that give you the cover and ease of draw that you are looking for.

    Good looking holster and it should last you a long time.


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    I have one, but don't use it anymore,. I used to carry in Mi with one all the time. That was my only way I carried back there.

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    I use one of my Galco Miami Classics from time to time. Never tried it under a pullover shirt (not really their intended use I don't think, but if it works for you...).

    I carry with them under a jacket or a vest, or with an open button down shirt over a t shirt or Polo. Also works well with suit coat/sport coat.

    I use IWB far more often these days, but there was a time when it was my preferred method.
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    I have Alessi's for my Govt 1911s, Commanders, "J" frame and HK P7's but they only see use in fall/winter when I wear a jacket. When I was still working I wore one a lot but concealment wasn't a worry then. It's a whole different style of carry and requires a lot of committment on your part to do it safely.

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    I used the Bianchi X 15 to carry either a Smith & Wesson 4-inch K-Frame revolver or a Colt 1911 underneath a business suit coat for some years. I did use the belt restraint strap as an aid to effective concealment and because I didn't care for the flopping about. Still have the holsters but infrequently use them these days.

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    I have one of these for my Kimber Ultra CDP. It's comfortable, but here in FL the heat makes T-shirts over IWB holsters more practical.

    Vertical Shoulder Holster
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    The answer to your question is an emphatic YES. Very secure and concealed. Don't wear tight shirts and you'll get along just fine.
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    I've had a Miami Classic for about 20 years and use it in the winter time, under a jacket. It's very comfortable... don't use it much in the warm weather around here.
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    You sure can! I carry my S&W model 19 in a Alsessi Bodyguard for riding my bike and cold wx carry. Also have worn it a few times this summer with an Under Armor t under a button down. Great way to pack a weapon IMO. Very comfortable for all day carry.

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    Use an Andrews Monarch off and on, mostly in cool winter weather or long drives. No tie downs needed with his design. Like Retsupt said, down here in FL it's mostly tee shirts and IWB though.
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    I wear a shoulder holster around the house. I don't wear it outside much at all since the temps are over 100 degrees most days. I find wearing the shoulder holster fairly comfortable. This is a generic holster I bought at a local gun show.

    The biggest challenge was getting the holster adjusted to my body. That took a few days & many adjustments to fit correctly. Once I got the buckles & straps adjusted it was easy. The hardest part was getting used to the weight of the G26, magazine, flashlight in the holster.

    It's been almost 3 weeks since I have started wearing the shoulder holster around the house. Now it's very comfortable and look forward to wearing it when I can dress appropriately. I don't regret buying this shoulder holster at all. Eventually I would like to buy a high quality leather rig one of these days.
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    Has anybody experimented with all three basic (vertical a la Bianchi X-15; horizontal like the Miami Classic, and upside down like a Bodyguard) styles? Which did you prefer?

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    nothing but shoulder holster for 12 years. using uncle mikes for s/w 29 with 8 3/8th barrel for now. said i wouldnt carry a hog-leg but tried it a day or two. it is rather comfortable. long button front over shirt. just put shirt on when entering stores so not to attract attention.

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    Most handguns will best conseal under the shoulder half way between a horizontal and an upside down. Which shoulder holsters adjust for that?

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