Tuckable for MK9...

Tuckable for MK9...

This is a discussion on Tuckable for MK9... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looking for suggestions on a comfortable, unbulky leather tuckable holster for a MK9. I need one for wear at work (business casual) and for IWB ...

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Thread: Tuckable for MK9...

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    Tuckable for MK9...

    Looking for suggestions on a comfortable, unbulky leather tuckable holster for a MK9. I need one for wear at work (business casual) and for IWB carry during the summer. Right now, I am looking at the Tucker Cover-Up and HBE Pro Tuckable. Anything else I should consider? TIA

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    I believe that there is.

    After placing the order on February 2, two days ago I received my Pop-Top holster from Pale Horse Holsters (made by R.L. Graham) for my P9 Covert. This holster is another take on the IWB concept first brought out in DeSantis' PopUp holster and Galco's similar Push-Up holster.


    The thing that sets Mr. Graham's superb product apart is that it's totally custom, and he'll make one for a Kahr (unlike the other two manufacturers, who will only make this model for very small pistols, such as the Seecamps or the Beretta 950s).

    Here's a pic from the website:

    This is a very interesting IWB. The entire Pop Top IWB holster is very low-riding, with the top of the gun actually below the waistband - the gun is totally covered by your pants. Your shirt's natural blousing makes the gun totally invisible. The holster's clip is covered by your belt, and you can position your cell phone holster so as to cover it even more (though this is not really necessary, in my opinion). It works perfectly for me with business dress and no cover garment.

    The holster features a cut-out on the bottom of the side of the holster that faces outward. Draw is acccomplished by flicking the gun's barrel upward by reaching through that cut-out - the gun pops up out of your pants like a toaster pastry, and then you draw normally. It's every bit as fast as a normal IWB with a cover garment (which also requires a two-hand draw for speed).

    In an emergency, you can either knife-hand your primary hand into your waistband, grip the butt and draw normally, or else flick the gun upward with your primary hand, and then proceed to draw normally.

    Anyway, I've been carrying it IWB crossdraw in the front. It's a very low-profile carry that does not require a cover garment and draws faster than a SmartCarry. I'll post some pics later. And, at $39 for a custom-made holster (I believe mine was the first Mr. Graham made for a Kahr), you can't beat the price!

    Anyway, I've never had good luck with tuckables - they're just too bulky, slow and awkward for me. This odd little IWB may work for you and your MK9.

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    Well, good thread. Tuckables are a compromise to say least. You can get them very thin, but you lose the reinforced mouth and so on.

    I make the Pro Tuckable with a clip, no reinforced mouth and the arm the clip is on is very deep allowing the shirt to get tucked fairly deep and the arm is very wide at the base with ALOT of stitching for great strength. This is the weak point in most tuckable designs, IMO. The arm is barely attached to the holster and within a week...the holster/gun are rocking and moving when it shouldnt.

    This no reinforced mouth it makes the holster fairly thin, but keep in mind a tuckable can never be as thin as an IWB only holster of the same design...thats part of the compromise.

    Hope this helps......and Erich shows some great choices for deep IWB carry. Keep in mind, they arent tuckable and the grip access is very impaired with this type of holster. I make one called the NY Pro that is very very similar to the others.

    Shoot well.
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    Hey, I don't want to sound like I'm coming out of left field, but are you sure tuckable is the way to go? I toyed with the idea myself because of the way I dress, business casual, tucked shirt, all the time. I picked up a tuckable but found that there's simply no way to hid the bulk of even a kahr P9 under any kind of dress shirt. And then there's the ever present loop on your belt that has nothing associated with it. To me that is odd and will draw attention. People expect cell phones, pagers, even keys with some styles of dress, but a loop with nothing, I think that'll draw eyes to that bulge. And the Kahr is less than an inch thick. After trying it, I felt like tuckable really is a solution that sounds good but really doesn't work well in practice unless you have a heavy thick shirt that is bloused out at the bottom! But a pinpoint dress shirt tucked in,...well, I think IMO that it's going to stick out like a sore thumb. Especially if you twist at the waist or reach, etc.

    The more I tried the tuckable solution, the more I came to the conclusion that it's really not a very good style.

    Each to their own so to speak but thought I'd share my experience. Maybe it'll work a lot better for you.

    God Bless


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    I found the desantis tuck this very wearable, thin and well concealed, but didn't stay put. as Eric L. pointed out, the rocking factor does happen quite a bit.
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    My wife has an MK9 with a High Noon Hidden Ally. It's a nice holster, that they keep in stock and does not have to be custom ordered. It's made out of quality leather, and has a strong steel belt clip. It disappears when tucked, and is comfortable to wear all day long. You'll forget it's there at all. For $35, you'll get it right the first time and never need another inside the waistband holster.

    Check out the pictures in the link below.


    I would be wearing it, but she won't let me.
    Rest In Peace Dad! I love you!!!

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