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How do you carry spare ammo for CCW???

This is a discussion on How do you carry spare ammo for CCW??? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I found a really nice leather Galco mag holder for single stack mags that just clips to my belt, so I cary that on the ...

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Thread: How do you carry spare ammo for CCW???

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    I found a really nice leather Galco mag holder for single stack mags that just clips to my belt, so I cary that on the weak side hip. Kinda helps balance out the CCW weight.

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    50 loose rounds in a tube sock in my pocket.

    A sock full of lead makes quite a blackjack. However, if you actually want to shoot them, try using mags.
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    I haven't spent much on the holsters and mag carriers yet - for now I carry my spare mag (Colt stainless 8rd .45) in the belt carrier that came with my Victorinox tool (9:00). The plus to this is it looks totally inocuous
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    I carry an extra mag and my SureFire 6P in a pouch on the weak side.

    If I'm wearing my Monarch shoulder rig, then it's two spare mags with my SureFire.
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    One mag on weak side in a leather pouch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glock21guy
    One mag on weak side in a leather pouch.
    Same here.
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    Mag and surefire in an offiside Mitch Rosen SOS and another mag in a Galco mag pouch (if I'm wearing on the waist). My UC Comfort holds three mags + a knife. If carrying another, well DeSantis makes a really kewl pocket mag pouch holster. Just something to think about.
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    At first, no extra mags, then one in a Fobus mag carrier on the weak side, then got double mag carrier from Fobus. Since then, I found out that I could have gotten a nice, leather double mag carrier when I got my Laredo Defender and belt for my Glock 23, for only $5 bucks more than I paid for the Fobus!

    With one in the tube, that means I now carry 40 rounds of .40 S&W, ready to go. If that won't do it, maybe I'll just stay home. . .

    And I have ordered that leather double mag pouch, a few days ago.

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    At least 1 spare mag. alot of the time I use a knife pouch to further disguise my mag carrier. i have found a leather schrade knife pouch or a Gerber multi plier nylon pouch fits a hi cap pistol mag. nicely.
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    I carry a single extra mag weak side just past point of hip (8:30) in a kydex mag carrier from sidearmor.

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    I seem to be in the minority as I carry an SP101. Have a double speed loader pouch in the weak side flannel shirt pocket. They don't stand out with the baggy old flannel shirts that I wear as jackets.
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    I have a pouch that blends in with my belt, nobody even knows I'm carrying a spare.
    I normally have just 1 spare, plus what's in the pistol.

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    Snubbie has two Speedstrips, one 5th pocket and the other weak front pocket. Have to figure out something for my Para P16 mags. Thinking of Bianchi's #10 IWB mag holder x 2. Until then, I wil probably keep one in a pocket. If need be, my UM cheapie IWB for my snubbie or my cell phone holder can be pressed into service. My cell phone holder usually holds my OC though.
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    Spare magazine for Kimber Ultra Carry

    I carry a spare magazine at 11 o'clock in a Leatherman Wave pouch. The pouch is hoizontal and opens towards my left hand.

    I usually carry a blued magazine, although I've carried stainless on occassion. Either way, nobody seems to notice a 1911 magazine on my belt in plain sight.

    I have a Tucker IWB magazine pouch, but I find it somewhat uncomfortable and rarely carry it.


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    i carry one spare mag on person the rest of my spare ammo is stored in the 3 mags for the fal in my vehicle

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