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Robert Mika Holster

This is a discussion on Robert Mika Holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those who are not familiar with his pocket holsters, feel free to give him a look as he makes a fantastic pocket holster that ...

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    Robert Mika Holster

    For those who are not familiar with his pocket holsters, feel free to give him a look as he makes a fantastic pocket holster that is extremely budget friendly, well constructed, and most importantly stays put in the pocket when you draw your weapon.

    Just wanted to share my experience dealing with Mr Mika. I placed my order for my holster and eagerly awaited my superduper holster. Just around the anticipated delivery time as posted on his website, I sent in an email requesting a status update for my holster. To my surprise, I received an email response within 5 minutes from Mr Mika letting me know that my holster would be shipped out within the next few days. True to his word, my holster arrived within a week and also within the estimated delivery time. There was a communication issue between us as the holster delivered was a round cut as opposed to a square cut holster. I promptly alerted him to this and without fuss or fight, Mr Mika shipped out the square cut holster to me also within a matter of days. Far too often we complain about bad service and I would be remiss if I did not make mention of this excellent customer service given by Robert Mika.

    The link to his site is Mika's Pocket Holsters - Custom Made Pocket Holsters, Waistband Holsters, Vest Holsters, Tactical Pocket Mirrors And Much More.

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    His work is already VERY well known on this site, and he is also known for his great customer service. It is nice to see that he is still carrying on with that very theme for his wonderful product.
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    Thumbs up

    Just my 2 cents.

    I've bought some holsters from him, and IWB for my XD 40 and a pocket for my Taurus 357.

    He is just awesome, he responds very quickly, and the craftsmanship is top notch.

    I would heartily recommend his products to anyone, and they are a bargain for the great quality and craftsmanship he puts into them.

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    I received a square cut & round cut just last week for a J frame. Fits, feels, & performs great in cargo shorts.

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    I can't say enough good about Mr. Mika. He built me a semi custom holster for a BUG, he made it exactly as I asked, and even looked forward and added a feature or two that I had not thought of... but I'm glad he did.

    Anyway, they are not the prettiest holsters, but they work very well.
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    He may be the best known part time (is he still doing this only part time?) one man holster shop in the country.

    Ordered one for my C/A Bulldog Pug. Around the time I was wondering if it was time for it to show up (I sort of forgot!), I got a call from him on the phone asking if I'd ever received it. He saw it on his order sheet, and it wasn't checked off (oops!), but he wasn't sure if he'd made it or not.

    Told I'd not received it, he made it up and sent it on- I think I got it about 3 days after the call. Great guy, great product (yep, it's ugly- sort of the Glock of revolver holsters ).
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    Just ordered his round cut for my Ruger LCP. Between that and the Desantis Nemesis most pocket carry is covered.
    Only problem with Mika is his success which translates into 3-4 months for delivery. But from what I've read on this board, his product is well-worth the wait!


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    You can by 2 Mika's (round and square cargo bottom) and have enough left over for a decent meal, as compared to many holster makers.

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    I bet he told you to keep the round cut also.

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    I have two Mika Pocket Holsters and they are perfect for what they're designed to do and the price very fair.

    Mr. Mika is getting quite busy as word spreads about his excellent holsters. If you have an order with him, be patient, it will be worth the wait!
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    In a way I hate to disagree as you get a lot of bang for the buck. But I bought one of his for a 642, and found it much too bulky. I don't remember ever wearing it because of that.

    I suppose if your pockets are large enough it works, but not for me. I much prefer my leather pocket holster from Wild Bill's.


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