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    Belt Width

    Alright guys what belt width should I go with? to hold up the big boy, getting an MTAC holster, I know crossbreed has awesome belts, recommended width? im 5'11 130lbs a lil string bean
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    I have an 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Depends on what pants one wears mainly. Some don't take well to 1 1/2" wide, thick belts. I push some of my belt loops to the limit once in a while.

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    Depends on the belt. You can get one that's fairly stiff and capable of holding well, despite "only" being 1.25". There are a few, out there, that are somewhat flimsy despite being 1.5" or greater. Some belt makers offer options such as adding a stiffener between the two layers.

    Over the years, I have slightly adjusted my carry gear to accommodate me and my carry style. For example, all of my shorts, jeans and slacks support 1.5" belts.

    I've done a few, but two are notable:

    1. For a fairly stiff, police-like belt, consider Kramer. Extremely well made and durable. Plain and functional looking, it'll last a good long while.

    2. For a belt that's a bit softer and more comfortable for daily use, consider a Beltman. Did mine without the stiffener and might consider doing so on the next ones. With the tapered ends, it makes the belt a bit more comfortable. At 1.5", it's firm enough for a ~30oz gun and holster. Heavier than that, I'd probably opt for the stiffener.
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    Most of my jeans will only accept 1 1/4 - but with a thick belt obtained from a guy who sells at my local Fall Foliage week - it works well.

    I think thickness and stiffness is the main deal - winning over pure width.
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    Whichever belt width you choose, it's imperative that the belt match the width of the holster belt slots or loops exactly.

    The advantage to exactly matching the belt and holster is to keep the holstered firearm from shifting position while you're wearing it.

    Also make sure your gun belt is threaded through every belt loop on your trousers.

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    Over the years, I have slightly adjusted my carry gear to accommodate me and my carry style. For example, all of my shorts, jeans and slacks support 1.5" belts.
    Same thing that I have done. I find the 1.5" belt to be the most versatile width. FWIW
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    Ive got a 1.5 inch. It doesnt fit all of my beltloops great. Ill pick up a 1.25 inch to make it a little easier.

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    I've got 1.5" belts, and some 1.75" belts on the way (for free, with purchase of some 5.11 pants from LAPG). My holster is made with 1.5" loops, and the 1.5" belts fit all my pants just fine. I will continue to use the 1.5" belts for every day wear/carry, but it will be nice to have the stiffer belts for range days/training classes/etc.

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    All my belts are 1.5"...
    If wearing a suit, I'm probably going to a place where CCW won't be allowed, but if allowed, I pocket carry.

    I'd go with 1.5"...remember, your holser slots MUST match the belt size or you're going to have some difficulties.
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    I think this is some what personal preference and some what dictated by the pants you wear. I generally can get away with a 1-1/2" belt.

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    I have both 1.5" and 1.25" gun belts. It really depends on what I'm wearing and carrying when I choose. I pocket carry often so the 1.25" gets the nod usually there but that's not because of the size but because it's my elephant skin belt (my favorite). I also use velcro inside my belts for the velcro clips on my MTAC and most of my other IWB holsters. That gives me a little more flexibility when it comes to matching belts and loops. With velcro it doesn't matter as much (even though 1.5" velcro clips will obviously show more on a 1.25" belt).

    I'd say if you can only get one good gun belt and the majority of your pants can handle it, get a 1.5". Checkout The Beltman for awesome belts BTW.

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    All of my belts are 1.5. All jeans I've ever worn accomodate 1.5" as do most dockers and other casual pants. Dress pants can be different. I'm still able to use my 1.5" belts on my suit pants but it's a close fit and if you get a polymer insert in your gun belt it could be too thick.

    I've tried 1.25 and 1.5" and feel 1.5" is perfect. I DON'T like a 1.5" looped holster on a 1.25" belt so I standardized everything at 1.5. If the pants won't accept 1.5" I don't buy them. Use 1.5" consistently and it's easy to eye ball pants in the store. I only wear one type of Wrangler jeans and they're perfect for 1.5"

    Some end up with 1.5" and with 1.25". I don't like having both.

    As for 1.75" I'd reserve that for an LEO with a TON of gear and 5.11 tactical pants or some such thing.

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    when I have some money (lol) I'm going to order a 1.5 1st... its in the middle so... most of my pants/jeans accept 1.5 as well... I will get the velcro lining too, so I can use some V-Clips

    I might get a 1.25 for suit carry (which is very rare that I waer it, and I probably wouldn't be allowed to carry then) but if that's the case, I might just do OWB

    I wish these belts didn't take almost a month to make

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    I use 1.5" for jeans and 1.25" for shorts or more dressy pants......all my gun belts come from Jim Speidel, the Beltman.

    FWIW, for IWB carry, I can't tell any difference at all in stability/security between the two.
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    Have to agree with P95, stiffness and thickness are as, if not more, important than width. If my EDC is a large heavy friend, then 1.5, if I was carrying a compact, I could get by with a 1.25. YMMV

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