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    TT Gunleather

    I just received my order from Tim at TT Gunleather and all I can say is WOW! The leather is great! The fit is great! The custom light holder is perfect! It was the easiest and reassuring transaction I have had in a long time.
    He was upfront with the delivery time, which turned out to be very accurate. Even though I did, I did not have to pay up front. He called me to check and make sure exactly how I wanted the holster made just prior to making it, which was pretty nice because I knew it was going to be coming to me shortly after. Another thing, Tim offers a military/Law enforcement discount, which tells me something about him. Tim was a pleasure to do business with and my only regret is I didn't order more when I had the chance. Unfortunately it is going to getter harder and harder to get Tim's work, due to the superb quality but I am pretty loyal and will buy from him again. Thanks Tim!
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    Thanks for sharing. I have a pending order with Tim myself. Seeing your stuff has me chomping at the bit!!
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    Very nice leather grouping...
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    Tim makes high quality products for less than the 'Big Names' & with a fraction of the wait time.

    See a pic of mine at the post here on this forum:
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    Tim makes first class gear. Can't go wrong with TT Gunleather.
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    +1000 on TT Gunleather! Tim's wait time is up to about four months, but that's what you get when the word gets around about a quality product. I've got four or five of his holsters. My favorite is the "Snap Detachable" OWB pancake. Here's one of them (for my SIG P250):

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    Great looking leather, I'm looking at ordering a holster and belt from them today!
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    I'm still waiting for my order... man, after seeing yours, I'm getting really anxious!
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    NICE!!!! I love it! I have had 3 of Tims hosters and one like yours on order for my NEW S&W CS-1. 2 weeks to delivery and really can't wait after seeing your handsome holster.

    Excellent holster from a master craftsman and great guy.

    When I bought my first one from Tim 3 years ago for a POC SA Champion. I caught all kinds of crap on buying a Milt Sparks knock off and other negative comments. Fast forward 3 years later and I notice some of the same folks now saying "Nice Holster" to his products.

    Great guy, great holsters and great customer service! What more could you ask for?

    Congratulations and stay safe.
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    Nice looking stuff
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    Same set up, but with a SIG P239 .40 S&W and a double magazine pouch. I guess the fact that I've got four of these rigs (OWB "snap detachable" Pancake holsters by TT Gunleather) shows I'm a big fan of Tim's work!

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