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IWB printing while sitting or bent over?

This is a discussion on IWB printing while sitting or bent over? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's going to happen a bit...just know it and plan ahead. I wear bulky shirts, and basically, know my surroundings. If my gun is against ...

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Thread: IWB printing while sitting or bent over?

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    It's going to happen a bit...just know it and plan ahead. I wear bulky shirts, and basically, know my surroundings. If my gun is against my kidney, I stoop to get something from the market shelf rather than bending over...
    Actually, no one is going to know anyways. The important thing is that you are aware...
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    I dont really worry about it. I try to bend at the knees instead of the waist. (its better for you anyway. ) I also try to sit in booths if im out to eat. If i cant i just make sure my shirt is pulled down. No one really notices anyway.

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    You are more aware of your printing then anyone else will be.
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    My solution was to go to a gun with a short grip. Glock 26. Short grips print less than longer grips. I used this solution because I can't use a holster with a lot of cant due to restricted movement of my wrist. Broken a few years ago. Lots of little plates and screws hold it together.

    I also never bend over. I always squat. That took a while to get used to. But now it's an ingrained habit.

    Finally I normally wear a loose outer shirt, untucked. That pretty much hides any minor printing. My Blackberry prints much more than my Glock.
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    You've gotten some good advice here

    You've gotten some good advice here. I'll add my $.02.

    I also mainly carry in a Supertuck for my PPS .40. Even with the cant, and squatting when I remember, I can find situations where I'll print. It's usually when I just need to make a slight bend, not enough to really justify in my mind a squat (if that makes any sense?). I've noticed that wardrobe can handle most of that. Darker color shirts conceal better than light. The other consideration is fabric of a cover garment. If going with a polo-type or a t-shirt, the soft, clingy fabrics that drape off you tend to be a little form-fitting and susceptible to printing.

    Bottom line, I've found myself ignoring certain shirts I used to wear frequently, and considering different things if I'm out looking at clothes. YMMV.
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    Thumper is right squat. Change the location you carry to closer to 3 o'clock may also help.

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    I print when I bend over, sure. But that's an entirely different problem.

    Like some others, I've found that IWB with a solid forward cant combines with kneeling (instead of bending) to hide most of it.
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    thanks for all the info guys!

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    Another method of concealment is to divert the person's attention to another area... women have lots of options, men, well, all we can use is the "plumber's crack"!

    Okay, seriously, a darker colored t-shirt is better than a lighter colored one, black being the best at hiding the printing. Multi-print Hawaiian shirts do a good job too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckInNy View Post
    For those of you that carry IWB how do prevent printing while sitting or bending over? Is there a fix or do you just deal with it?

    I just got a nice HBE offset clip holster for my 3 inch 1911. I tried it out today and it feels great... just can't seem to get around the above mentioned problem.

    when it's warm out I wear a t-shirt and cargo shorts or pants.
    To be honest with you.... I really don't worry too much about it. Sheople don't know and don't really care.
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