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just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911

This is a discussion on just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by safd Anybody want to post some pics? thanks ben Second fold. ...I think......

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Thread: just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911

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    Quote Originally Posted by safd View Post
    Anybody want to post some pics?
    Second fold.

    ...I think...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911-michelinman.jpg  

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    theotherlis: I'm also a woman, and I use the bellyband a good bit. there are at least two places a woman can conceal with a BB, you can experiment some. 1) around waist- when I carry this way, the band goes right over my hipbones, and I keep the gun at either 1:30 or 3:00 position. experiment with how high or low you put it for best concealment. I usually keep most of the gun below the waistband of my pants, just enough grip exposed to grab effectively 2) (this may or may not work for you, my body is different from yours)- worn on the chest, just under your bra band, with the keltec-sized gun positioned to one side or the other so that it is concealed where the fabric of the shirt is naturally held away from the body in that spot

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    As tellico pointed out, every person has a slightly different shape so what works for one, may not work for another. I use a Thunderwear which is practically the same as the Smartcarry but it’s not always the best choice. Like’ the belly-band it does tend to ride-up when I’m out at the movie house. I’m constantly shifting the darn thing’ around to get comfortable. It’s not uncommon that we have to spend a fortune on carry devices to satisfy our conceal carry needs.
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    BB didn;t work for me... tried it for several days in a variety of positions. There are several similar varieties which ride under the arm and have a shoulder strap, that might work.. but I am comfortable with pocket and IWB so no more hoslters for me, for now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theotherlis View Post
    Purpledragon, thank you for bringing that up! I've been really wondering about BBs. I do have to ask though (sorry for being so straightforward)- do you think this would work well for an extremely small bust? I'm an A and I'm just having a hard time figuring how to hide a fun on my abdomen without printing. Have not tried a BB yet, though.
    I don't think it would matter if you keep it in the wasit area vs higher up. Mine is mostly below the waistband and BB means you can put the gun anywhere that best conceals for you around your waist area. HTH some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by purpledragon View Post
    Most times I wear jeans and have it so the top of the band is even with the waistband of the jeans so the butt of the gun is very low. Conceals very well with all manner of clothing.

    This is the one I have Defender Gun Concealment Holsters

    I have carried spare mags in the spot as well as my cell phone a few times when I had no pockets.
    That's how I wear it with 2 of my revolvers and an EMP, and it works great. It is even easier to draw it. And, I don't find myself pulling up my pants because it keeps the weight of the gun off my pants. It feels secure as well. I've had no issues with it moving around... and believe me ... with "my build".... LOL.... that's something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazy View Post
    I have a BB thats holds the gun Horizontally. not vertical
    G27 rides nice under my Lt arm.
    my belly keeps it from slipping down
    or wear it low as a cross draw.
    Interesting - any info, link to this?
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    heres the one I have. I flip it over and wear it under my Lt arm
    horizontal gun

    or the vertical version

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