just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911

just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911

This is a discussion on just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911 within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just bought a belly band for my Springfield Micro Compact. I already have a smart carry and that works great. The main thing about ...

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    just bought a belly band for my 3 inch 1911

    I just bought a belly band for my Springfield Micro Compact.

    I already have a smart carry and that works great. The main thing about the SC I don't like is having my gun pressing against my boys all day. I also don't like the fact the when you sit your gun is pointing at who ever sits across from you (I know guns don't go off by themselves) I just don't like having my gun pointed at my wife or kid while we sit down to eat

    I also have a a nice IWB leather holster from HBE which also works great... cons about that are I hate wearing a tight belt. I also don't like how IWB prints if you have to bend at the waist.

    I've tried to use the smart carry at 4:30 like an IWB lower in the pants. Seemed great at first but I quickly realized that you can't draw the weapon. I got to thinking that if i had a belly band I can wear it low at 4:30 with just enough grip above my pants so i can draw but not so much that it prints drastically when i bend... plus i wouldn't have to wear a tight belt across my ever growing gut.

    I did some searching around and found one online for only $16 so i figured why the hell not wolverineholsters.com

    I received the holster after only a few days and was very pleased with the quality... I tried it out briefly last night at the house and my idea seemed to work. I'm gonna wear it this weekend and I'll let you guys know how it works out... could be a great way to carry all for $16!

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    I've had one for years. Not this manufacturer but looks very similar. My primary carry is an IWB holster from Tucker Gunleather but I like the BB for special occasions. I have found that you end up with several holsters to accommodate dress and seasons.

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    This seems like an interesting way to conceal, not necessarily for speed, but for the ultimate concealment.
    Be sure to report back on this same thread after some extended-time uses...
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    Been eyeballing a belly band or Smartcarry for awhile. I'm a chubby guy so I'm worried it may not work. Also, I'd like to keep it around 3:30-4:30ish if I can.

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    so I gave it a shot today and wore the belly band for about 3 hours with the gun at the 5:00 position low in the waist line. Here are my thoughts.

    I had a hard time getting the belly band to stay at the right depth. It kept riding up higher on my waist.

    I had to wear it fairly tight to keep the gun tight on my body and this made it uncomfortable to sit.

    My gun still printed even though it was low in the waist.

    After wearing it for 3 hours my wife and I went out so i switched to my smart carry. Much more comfortable and concealable.

    I think a belly band can be a cheap option for the days when you wanna wear pants or shorts that you can't wear a belt with.

    If you don't mind spending the extra $$ get the Smart Carry!

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    I've tried others and besides a generic holster for appendix carry or a pocket holster my standard 95% of the time holster is smartcarry. I've tried others and for the deepest cover I can't beat it either.

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    Without a photo on your body, I don't believe you!
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    Hummm, I just bought a $30 one, and think it should work great. Let me know how it works for you. For the EMP and the revolver.

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    I bought a belly band a few months back and wear it occasionally. I primarily carry a Kimber Pro Carry II (4 inch) and have no problems with it. I've been tempted to try it with a Glock 22 but haven't yet. I wear mine above the belt line so it rides a little high. They're great for quick trips out and about, or if you know you'll be going somewhere that you can't carry (heaven forbid). If I'm going to be gone for an extended period then I usually use a Hoffner's ITP J-hook with no problems. It's also great for those days when I'm not in the mood to strap on the leather, or don't have the time to. My belly band does occasionally roll up with extended use, or driving long distances, but it serves a purpose. Mine has additional pockets for spare mags or even a second gun on the weak side.

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    Anybody want to post some pics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckInNy View Post
    I already have a smart carry and that works great. The main thing about the SC I don't like is having my gun pressing against my boys all day.
    Try shifting the Smartcarry over to the 11 o'clock position (assuming you're right-handed). Wear it low - the back straps should be on your hips (centered across the rear of your butt) not around your waist.

    Center the bottom of your gun's grip on your zipper line. The gun will lay on your left thigh when you sit.

    Can't do much about muzzle direction - if you carry a gun, it will point at folks as you move around, bend over, etc. If you're a worrier (I am too!) you can put a piece of sheet plastic into the Smartcarry pouch to have even more protection for the trigger from the front.

    Hope this is helpful!
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    I wore a bellyband for a month daily. This is just my findings and yours may vary. I have a gut of 40 inches at the belly button (200 lbs, 5/11inch) and generally wear pants and jeans that ride "under", on or above the hips. I wanted the belly band to ride appendix above the belt. The band I used was the one from NRA Store. The work I do is in and out of the truck, climbing, bending, sitting, crawling, lots of walking and some (God help me ) running. Findings: cinched up tight, the bellyband wants to move. It will move down (somewhat expected on my body), but it will work its way UP (over the gut) also. I tried using a t shirt under the belly band, using my pants belt over the bottom edge of the belly band, even putting the bellyband lower edge over the pants belt to no avail....it moves either up or down over time. I found that during the day at least one trip to the restroom stall was necessary to pull up or down the bellyband. Another one to the holster box.
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    I have a BB thats holds the gun Horizontally. not vertical
    G27 rides nice under my Lt arm.
    my belly keeps it from slipping down
    or wear it low as a cross draw.

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    I have a BB too, of course I am female. I think for ladies it is wonderful, as our shape naturally lends itself to keeping it in the waist area. I never have a problem with it moving around, even with yoga pants on. I have carried all my guns in mine at different times, but most often carry a Glock (19 or 36) or a PPS in it. Mine was about $35, I have had it about 6-7 months, and have run it through the washer too (inside a pillow case). Has held up very well. Most times I wear jeans and have it so the top of the band is even with the waistband of the jeans so the butt of the gun is very low. Conceals very well with all manner of clothing.

    This is the one I have Defender Gun Concealment Holsters

    I have carried spare mags in the spot as well as my cell phone a few times when I had no pockets.
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    Purpledragon, thank you for bringing that up! I've been really wondering about BBs. I do have to ask though (sorry for being so straightforward)- do you think this would work well for an extremely small bust? I'm an A and I'm just having a hard time figuring how to hide a fun on my abdomen without printing. Have not tried a BB yet, though.

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