IWB one strap or two

IWB one strap or two

This is a discussion on IWB one strap or two within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I didn't want to steal 45ACP's thread, But of those that use IWB, who has both, and which one did you like better. I'm talking ...

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Thread: IWB one strap or two

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    IWB one strap or two

    I didn't want to steal 45ACP's thread,

    But of those that use IWB, who has both, and which one did you like better.

    I'm talking about the MAX CON V vs. the McDaniel II kind of holsters.

    I like the Mcdaniel II with one strap behind it so the front strap won't show if I lift up the front of my shirt to get into my pocket, but then the models with the two straps seems to be a lot more stable.

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    you have read my threads, i believe 100% in the max con V...don't know how anything could be better with only one strap. I carry my IWB at 430 though.

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    Two strap or clip IWB holsters will hold better to your body. Just lift your shirt to the bottom of your belt. You'll have access to your pocket without showing anything.
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    Well...two loops are much better than one.

    No comparison....single loops are a real freakin science to get right. How do you keep it from rocking or moving while being carried, keep it all "in balance" and keep it thin? Its hard.

    Two loops that are spread out...ala the Max Con etc, is thinner, more stable and more comfy.

    I make plenty of the single loops designs....summer special styles etc and they are more of a compromise than the other design.

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    I carry my 642 in a single clip holster now. It works pretty well but at 15 oz. it's not supporting that much weight. With anything much heavier than that I'd imagine the single clip would be pushing its limits. Even so, I ordered one of Eric's COM 3 holsters for it - dual offset loops for stability and to spread the load, it also offers for a bit more choice in positioning. The most comfortable place for my snubby just happens to fall directly under the 3:30 - 4:00 belt loop but with a single clip I can't wear it there so I compromise by sliding it further back - not a problem unless I'm driving, then it can be a bit uncomfortable.

    I do sort of like the clip itself though as my particular model grips the waistband of the pants. It holds the holster securely but is almost totally concealed by my belt. Not sure if Eric's clips attach to the belt or waistband but either way the clips do offer some advantages that loops don't (and vice versa of course).

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    I like two loops.
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    Two Loops for me

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    Ditto....but I do have an Andrews MacDaniels II with it's one loop arrangement and it's a great holster.
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    Let's see I have three McDanial II, and they are very comfortable. They don't shift at all on me. My uncle don't like them, he says the shift on him. The Versa Max II is a great holster and I wear it a lot also. I'm looking foreward to getting my holsters in from Gary and Eric as I'm certain that they will be great holsters.

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    2 straps for me.
    1 strap shifts a lot...tilts...enough said.

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    2 loops for me the others shift to much

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    3 Max Con V's.
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    Ditto on two.
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    I have been using a Galco Sky-Op lately, I guess you could say it is kinda a 1 strap, but it is a tuckable with a "Y" clip at the belt so it doesn't show unless you really look. I like it, seems to ride steady and I don't notice any shifting.

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    2 loops for me


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